Product Spotlight, Saws

June 1, 2010
Hilti The new Hilti DS TS20-E electric wall saw features high-frequency motor technology with HTC intelligent control to achieve top cutting performances.


The new Hilti DS TS20-E electric wall saw features high-frequency motor technology with HTC intelligent control to achieve top cutting performances. It is designed for use by concrete drilling and sawing service contractors for medium and heavy-duty sawing applications. HTC is designed to make full use of the electronic power available. Critical drive parameters are monitored and measured continuously while a digital control system calculates the optimum saw head advance speed.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson's BFS 614B and BFS 614AB walk-behind floor saws are compact, lightweight and engineered to provide maximum cutting speed and maneuverability. The BFS 614 models come with a 14-inch blade diameter and maximum cutting depth of 4.9 inches. The BFS 614B is equipped with a 6-hp Wacker Neuson 4-cycle engine. The BFS 614AB is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine with a cyclonic filter. The saw models are well suited for small cuts in asphalt and concrete for patching and repair jobs.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The Saw Devil concrete/pavement saw line includes two manual models and one self-propelled model, and cuts to depths of 7 5/8 inches. Features include vibration-reducing all-steel box frame construction, right/left cut versatility, ergonomically designed adjustable handles with padded handgrips and hip bar control, and a non-corrosive dual-spray water system.
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The DS-18 concrete and asphalt saw from Edco features a 13-hp gasoline engine or 5-hp electric motor with a heavy-duty, anti-vibration engine mount. Other features include a 7-gauge, solid-steel frame, 18-inch blade capacity with dual-arbor cutting, lifting handles and a lifting bail.
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The new Husqvarna FS 627 flat saw is designed for medium to small service and repair jobs when cutting concrete and asphalt. The flat saw delivers efficient power to the bladeshaft, enabling it to cut effectively. A fully enclosed transmission reduces maintenance needs and increases the saw's dependability. The FS 627 is able to fit up to a 20-inch blade and the slip-on blade guard facilitates easy mounting and removal of blades.
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Bosch offers its diamond hole saw for medium to large hole-cutting in porcelain, granite, marble, ceramic tile or glass with the AutoStart system so users no longer have to worry about the saw skittering away during startup. The heart of the system is a spring-loaded retractable shaft and a conical carbide tip that creates a tiny indent to ensure the saw doesn't skate or walk, resulting in cleaner holes and less waste. Bosch's line of Quick-Change diamond hole saws are available in sizes ranging from 3/16 inch to 4 1/8 inches.
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General Equipment

Designed to follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces, General Equipment Co.'s CS8 random crack saw uses 8-inch diameter, dry cut-type diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack-filling procedures. Power is supplied by an 11-hp Honda engine equipped with a Cyclone-type air filter system for maximum protection against fine-grained dust contamination. An available propane engine conversion allows for use in confined areas where gasoline exhaust fumes are not permissible. Maximum cutting width is ½ inch and maximum straight-line cutting depth is 1 ½ inches.
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MK Diamond

The MK-APC/W air-powered walk-behind concrete saw has a 9.5-hp pneumatic motor with gear box drive. The tubular-steel design provides a rigid base from which the pneumatic motor is fixed to the blade guard. Designed for tough cutting jobs, the MK-APC/W is well suited for joint widening, indoor floor sawing, trenching and patch work. It will cut up to 7 inches deep with no gas or engine fumes.
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CS Unitec

CS Unitec introduces a pneumatic concrete chain saw with a new AirFORCE F4 diamond chain designed to cut reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe and natural stone. The CS 536163-2 air saw plunge cuts up to 15 inches deep in one pass and quickly cuts mechanical openings, irregular shapes and square corners up to 14 inches with no overcuts. Its 6.5-hp air motor has a no-load speed of 5700 rpm. The saw can be used hand-held or with the optional SpeedHook guide to make straight cuts through walls and other surfaces. It operates at 124 cfm air volume at 90 psi.
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