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Product of the Week – Minnich Manufacturing Machine-Mounted Dowel-Pin Drills

Product of the Week – Minnich Manufacturing Machine-Mounted Dowel-Pin Drills

Minnich Manufacturing’s series of machine-mounted drills are now available with a number of features engineered to increase safety and productivity in dowel-pin drilling applications, and are available in both hydraulic and pneumatic options. Primarily used for full-depth repair or patchwork, Minnich offers excavator/backhoe/skid-steer-mounted units that are designed for horizontal patchwork jobs with a relatively long distance between the areas to be drilled. Apart from increased portability, the dowel pin drills are also a safe alternative for operators, eliminating fatigue by utilizing the carrier to transport the drill.  

“Increased portability simply means that the contractor will get the job done faster,” says Todd Jurjevic, sales and marketing director for Minnich Manufacturing. “Additionally, eliminating the need for an additional operator on the ground to move the unit from one section to another drastically decreases the risk of jobsite injuries.”

Minnich’s pneumatic machine-mounted drills are powered by a compressor, mounted to the counter-weight of the carrier or in the bucket of a backhoe, offering a self-contained solution for patchwork jobs.

“Not only do machine-mounted drills save time on patchwork jobs, but we have engineered a number of cost-saving features into every drill,” Jurjevic says. “Features like 330-degree drill bed rotation for increased accuracy, the handy side-shift function to allow the operator to drill a second set of holes without having to reposition the carrier, and the dust-collection system to reduce debris on the site all add up to a more productive and safer user experience.”

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