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WORX 2000 PSI electric pressure washer

Worx 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer Good for Light and Medium Jobs

Jan. 4, 2022
The pressure washer’s maximum output is 2200 psi.

Posted by Brooke Just

Worx expands its line of outdoor, high-performance electric pressure washers with the addition of a new mobile 2000 psi model. At 2000 rated psi, this pressure washer straddles light and medium duty jobs by washing cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, boats, bikes, campers, motorcycles and RVs, as well as power washing decks, patios, driveways, walkways, garage floors, siding and more.

The Worx 2000 psi model joins a growing number of other Worx electric pressure washers, including wheeled 1900, 1800 and 1700 psi models, in addition to a portable 1500 psi unit. Worx now offers a full range of outdoor cleaning options from the cordless convenience of the 20V and 40V Hydroshot portable power cleaners to the heavier duty electric pressure washer models.

The Worx 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer uses 1.2 gallons per minute (gpm) of water (1.4 gpm max) and has a 0.5 gal. soap tank. The pressure washer’s maximum output is 2200 psi. The 13-amp pressure washer features a commercial-grade, brushless induction motor for durability and long life.

The soap tank is located at the base of the wheeled cart to add detergent or other concentrates. An integrated cord-wrap on the side of the cart stores the 35-foot power cord (included). The pressure washer also features a handy hose reel to store the 25-foot hose with threaded connections.

A heavy-duty axial cam pump with a brushless induction motor drives the pressure washer. A holster on the side of the cart secures the pressure washer’s spray wand. The lightweight handle incorporates the durable wand that is equipped with a ¼ inch quick-connect to quickly swap out nozzles. The wand also accepts aftermarket pressure washer nozzles. The pressure washer’s handle features a full-length trigger with a lock-off beneath the handle.

The pressure washer’s cart has four built-in slots to store quick-connect nozzles. Each nozzle is commonly color-coded to easily identify its spray pattern.   

Each nozzle has a specific cleaning application. The turbo nozzle is designed for tough jobs like washing imbedded dirt from the undercarriage of off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, driveways, concrete steps and patios, and brick. Select the soap nozzle with a wider flow to lather up vehicles, bicycles, patio furniture and other outdoor gear for a clean wash before rinsing. For sensitive jobs, such as washing windows, sliding door tracks or screens, among other jobs, the 40º nozzle produces a wide spray pattern and is suitable when used at a safe distance. For all-around everyday applications, use the 25º nozzle as the go-to cleaner.

The 41.2 pound pressure washer is outfitted with 8-inchdiameter, rugged wheels for mobility over uneven surfaces. The cart’s tubular steel frame supports the pressure washer and comfort-wrapped handle. The Worx 13 Amp, 2000 rated psi electric pressure washer is covered by the Worx three-year limited warranty.

When it’s time for storage and first time use for the next season, Worx recommends the use of a pump protector, which provides lubrication to the pump and also provides antifreeze to prevent damage from freezing to critical parts.

The Worx 2000 rated psi electric pressure washer, (WG607, $229.99) is available at