What Else Is New? October 2010

Oct. 1, 2010
Every month, dozens of new products are introduced by manufacturers serving the rental industry. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings.

The new Closet Auger Bag from General Pipe Cleaners was created to put an end to dragging dripping wet closet augers through homes, hospitals and offices. It keeps the closet auger contained and out of sight as it's carried to and from the job. GPC's Flexicore Closet Augers are made of two layers of tempered spring steel coiled tightly over a core of 49 strand wire rope.

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Burtin Polymer Laboratories introduces Bullet Liner for pickup truck beds, tailgates, wheel wells and similar applications. Bullet Liner's spray-on qualities are designed to offer maximum protection and provide an advanced coating system that is engineered for long life, impervious to weather and offers UV protection, and enhanced puncture and abrasion resistance.

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Knaack jobsite storage products are now manufactured using a new powder paint process, offering several advantages and benefits as compared to its previous liquid enamel paint. The new powder coat paint offers corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and paint film thickness.

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Custom designed to meet individual contractor specifications, E-Z Drill's 4-gang core drill system provides an efficient solution for drilling vertical holes into the top of concrete parapet walls. The unit is offered with either electric or pneumatic core drills and includes a host of other features that can be adapted for various customer needs.

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IDEAL introduces the versatile 21-n-1 Twist-a-Nut multi-bit, dual-ratcheting screwdriver that features more fastening applications than other tools designed for professional electricians, as well as 50-percent more torque power than standard ratchets. The tool is configured so that the four bits most frequently used by electricians are pre-loaded into the driver shaft with an additional 12 specialty bits securely stored for quick access within the handle.

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The new Sky Pro window cleaning system from NuStar Inc. is a completely self-contained, self-climbing washing system that operates from existing roof rigs, davit arms, tracks, or from the Sky Pro 4-Wheel steering rig. The Sky Pro system cleans windows, frames and the entire building. The patented pendulum design allows the Sky Pro system to wash high rises completely from the top of the building without ground lines, hoses or cables.

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Glacier Computer offers its Everest E2000 rugged mobile computers with Stay-Linked's thin-client software pre-installed. The Everest E2000 runs the full version of Windows CE 6.0, and is designed for vehicle and fixed-mount industrial applications. It is engineered to withstand extremes of vibration, shock and moisture.

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