Sept. 1, 2007
Stow Stow Construction Equipment introduces the CS-7060 walk-behind saw, which features patented stay-level handles that remain level regardless of the


Stow Construction Equipment introduces the CS-7060 walk-behind saw, which features patented stay-level handles that remain level regardless of the saw's operating position. These handles, along with the saw's moving center of gravity, minimize operator fatigue and reduce the risk of back injury while boosting productivity. Fueled by a 60-hp Deutz diesel engine, the CS-7060 saw has a 36-inch blade capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 15 inches. The unit weighs 1,725 pounds.
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General Equipment

Designed to follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces, General Equipment's CS8 random crack saw uses 8-inch diameter, dry cut-type diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack-filling procedures. A center-mounted blade configuration allows the CS8 to center pivot about its own axis to follow random crack patterns. Maximum cutting width is ½ inch and maximum straight-line cutting depth is 1½ inches.
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The design of Wacker's new series of walk-behind saws promotes long life and low maintenance. A long-life poly V-belt provides direct power transmission from the engine to the cutting shaft. Double-sealed bearings keep concrete and dust out, reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of the bearings. Other features include a vibration damping ergonomic handle system that makes individual adjustments to the handle width and height possible, allowing for optimum operator comfort and control of the unit.
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The PS4030 Series walk-behind saw from Multiquip is powered by a 31-hp Deutz diesel engine. This unit is equipped with a fully enclosed self-lubricated blade shaft assembly, requiring no greasing, which promotes accurate sawing, precise tracking and prevents premature blade wear associated with common pillow-block bearings. The 30-inch blade capacity saw also features a maintenance-free wheel drive system, automatic parking brake system, blade spindle alignment and simple maintenance requirements.
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ICS introduces the 613GC diamond chain-based concrete saw, which is an upgrade to the concrete saw originally launched in 2002. The 613GC cuts up to 14 inches deep and uses patented SealPro diamond-segmented chain technology. It is powered by an 80cc displacement 2-cycle engine, which produces 5.7 hp. The new ICS 613GC incorporates upgrades to the starter system, ignition and cooling system to ensure durability and fewer user problems.
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Designed as the replacement for the MS 440, the MS 441 Stihl Magnum chain saw features a new prefiltration system, anti-vibration system and advanced combustion technology that delivers more power and higher torque over a wider RPM range than the MS 440 — all with a 30-percent increase in engine life span. Plus, with 60-percent less vibration than the MS 440, the MS441 offers smoother cuts, reduced operator fatigue and added control for cutting heavy timber.
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Metabo's KSAP 18 cordless 6 ½-inch circular saw is designed for cutting off and ripping lumber up to 2 1/8-inch-thick. The 10.4-pound saw's high-efficiency motor provides increased cuts per battery charge. The KSAP 18 bevel cuts up to 47 degrees and features a safety lock switch, a no-load speed of 2,500 rpm, and an integrated dust extraction port that easily hooks up to a vacuum, minimizing cleanup time and dust inhalation. Its maximum cutting depth is 2 1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 1 5/8 inches at 45 degrees.
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Tanaka introduces the ECV-5601 chain saw, which is designed to provide maximum power for firewood and farm use. The chain saw is powered by a 50-cc, 3.6-hp two-stroke engine. The ECV-5601 weighs 11.2 pounds and comes equipped with a 20-inch bar, and chain with 0.325-inch pitch. The chain saw features a six-point anti-vibration system and a one-year commercial warranty.
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Shindaiwa's model 490 chain saw features a 47.9-cc displacement, a 3.5-hp engine and weighs 10.2 pounds. The 490 is equipped with a durable hand guard and inertia chain brake system for fast, positive braking, and a full anti-vibration system for reduced operator fatigue. The chain-tensioning adjustment screw is located on the side of the clutch cover for easy access. The chain saw also features die-cast crankcases, chrome-plated cylinder, and a two-ring piston design.
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DeWalt introduces the DW713 10-inch compound miter saw, which replaces the DW703. The miter saw is designed to cut various materials, including molding, sheet materials, lumber, veneer and non-ferrous metal. The DW713 offers vertical capacity to cut up to 3½-inch base molding and 4½-inch crown molding against the fence. At a horizontal capacity, the DW713 has the ability to cut up to a 2-inch by 6-inch piece of material at zero degrees, and 2-inch by 4-inch materials at 45 degrees. For increased versatility, the DW713 is equipped with a cam lock miter handle that quickly locks the saw in place when performing miter cuts.
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Diamond Products

Diamond Products introduces the Core Cut CC1800XL portable walk-behind saw, which is available as a push or self-propelled model. The saw features new, sturdier handles that can be mounted pointing in or out. Other new features include a lift bar, improved battery access and a water valve. The CC1800XL is available with a choice of 14-inch or 20-inch blade guards and has a maximum cutting depth of 7 5/8 inches with a 20-inch guard.
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Makita introduces the 4329K jig saw, which features a compact design, three orbital settings with straight cutting, and a 3.9-amp motor for use in a variety of materials. The jig saw features an ergonomically designed rubberized grip to provide more comfort and control, while the variable speed dial control (500 to 3,100 spm) delivers optimal cutting performance. The die-cast aluminum base bevel cuts 45 degrees right or left with a positive stop at 90 degrees for solid cutting. The 4329K is 8 7/8-inches long and weighs 4.2 pounds.
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John Deere

The John Deere CS62 Pro-Series chain saw is designed for felling and limbing large trees, and cutting firewood. It has a powerhead weight of 12.4 pounds and a 61.5-cc engine. An inertia chain brake, guide bar safety tip and low kickback chain allow for safer operation. The CS62 is available with 16- or 20-inch bar sizes.
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The 4100DG-09 10-inch portable jobsite table saw from Bosch is designed to be precise and durable. Features include the Digital Rip Fence, which incorporates a high-visibility LCD gauge and display that magnetically attaches to the SquareLock Rip Fence. Designed for trueness, any measurement is accurate to 1/64 or .010-inch, while offering readouts in increments of 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32-inch. The modular Smart Guard System, designed for portable table saws, includes a blade guard, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls.
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Sanders Saws

The SS-7060 walk-behind pavement saw from Sanders Saws features stay-level handles that stay level regardless of the saw's operating position. The saw has five lubrication points that require service at 125 hours. These lubrication points match engine oil service intervals and eliminate most daily maintenance requirements. Fueled by a 60-hp Deutz diesel engine, the SS-7060 saw has a 36-inch blade capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 15 inches. The unit weighs 1,725 pounds.
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Hitachi Power Tools introduces its first low-vibration reciprocating saw featuring User Vibration Protection technology that reduces motor vibration and decreases end-user fatigue. The 9.7-pound CR13VBY reciprocating saw features a swing-cutting mechanism, and variable-speed dial and trigger for control and improved cutting speed. The CR13VBY also offers a tool-less blade change so blades can be quickly mounted and replaced with the simple press of a lever. For convenience, the blades can be inserted in either direction (upward or downward). The CR13VBY delivers a stroke length of 1¼ inch at up to 3,000 spm.
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Mi-T-M's metal cutting saws feature a cover design that collects virtually all chips and sparks. Other features include a 3,500-rpm, 6-amp motor; chip collector and blade housing; 7-inch blade diameter; 45-degree bevel angle adjustment capacity; convenient guide edge; high-strength chrome-plated steel base; soft comfort-grip handle; and guide handle.
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