Photo by Vermeer
Ax17 brush chipper

Vermeer’s AX17 Brush Chipper Light Enough for Congested Urban Areas

April 19, 2022
The brush chipper features a winch boom that can be raised out of the way when not in use and a bottom feed stop bar.

Designed for tree care contractors, the Vermeer AX17 brush chipper features an intelligent feed system that includes the exclusive Vermeer SmartFeed and SmartCrush systems. The AX17 is convenient to transport in congested urban areas with its single axle and weight of less than 10,000 pounds (4,535.9 kg), even with optional accessories attached. It features a winch boom that can be raised out of the way when not in use and a bottom feed stop bar. This brush chipper is built for high-capacity takedowns and is designed to help contractors reduce manpower on jobsites.

Vermeer AX chippers offer the latest innovations for arborist work,” said  Steve Weldon, product specialist for Vermeer Environmental equipment. “The AX17 offers many of the same advantages as the larger AX19 model, but with a smaller footprint, making it a great option for contractors doing a lot of city work or looking for a high-production chipper that can be pulled behind a vehicle and does not require a CDL.”

The Vermeer AX17 brush chipper is powered by a 130-hp (96.9-kW) Cummins T4F diesel engine and has a 26-inch (66.0-cm) drum with two knives. It is equipped with horizontal offset feed rollers and a durable, fixed infeed table to take in large logs and tree limbs. The AX17’s intelligent feed system provides more than 6,500 pounds (2,948.4 kg) of pull-in power. It uses the Vermeer SmartCrush system to increase down pressure on the material being fed and assist when feeding forked or branchy material. It also comes with the patented Vermeer SmartFeed feed-sensing control system that monitors engine RPMs. It automatically stops, reverses and shifts material back and forth to help reduce the need for labor at the rear of the machine. Plus, operators can use a full-function remote to operate the feed rollers, move forward or in reverse, stop the machine, control the infeed crush feature and rotate the chipper’s chute while away from the machine, further reducing the need for labor.

The AX17 can be outfitted with a winch boom that provides 3,200 pounds (1,451.5 kg) of pull-in force to help load large materials. The winch can be raised out of the way when mechanically feeding the machine. The brush chipper was built with safety in mind with its bottom feed stop bar. Mounted over the feed table, the four-position upper feed control bar has dual stop positions and allows the operator to stop the feed rollers and select forward or reverse operations.

Other features of the  Vermeer AX17 brush chipper include a lower clean-out door and the Vermeer EcoIdle engine control system that minimizes fuel consumption when the machine isn’t actively being fed.

For more information about the Vermeer AX17 brush chippercontact your local Vermeer dealer.