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Sept. 1, 2007
John Deere John Deere's 300 Series skid-steer loaders are designed with a low center of gravity to increase stability, which results in faster speeds

John Deere

John Deere's 300 Series skid-steer loaders are designed with a low center of gravity to increase stability, which results in faster speeds and quicker cycle times. A long wheelbase provides a smoother ride with less fore-to-aft rocking. A patented vertical-lift boom provides a true vertical lift pattern, ensuring the machine remains stable when lifting heavy palletized loads from flat beds.

Stuart Muche, owner of Stuart's Landscaping, Fond du Lac, Wis., uses John Deere skid-steer loaders because of their safety features. “An operator can't just jump in the machine and take off,” Muche says. “And if they unlatch the seat belt, leave the seat or shut down the engine, the brake is applied automatically.”
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Merry Commercial blowers from MacKissic are designed for either commercial or residential applications. A balanced high-impact molded-poly impeller with a lifetime warranty contributes to reducing weight and vibration, and results in longer engine life and less wear on the blower and operator. A kickable discharge diverts the angle of discharge from side to front and/or up and down.
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The TL60 Terex compact wheel loader features articulated steering for increased stability over skid-steer design. A universal SSL quick coupler provides for adaptation of skid-steer attachments, and for tool carrier applications true parallel lift loader linkage self-levels in both raise and lower functions. The TL60 features a bucket capacity of 0.65 to 1.3 cubic yards and a breakout force of 8,325 pounds.
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Turf Teq

The Turf Teq Power Rake is designed for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. The unit features a 36-inch-wide drum. The pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the operator position. The unit also features a hydrostatic transmission, 13-hp Honda engine and on-the-go differential lock.
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The Husqvarna SD22B seeder comes with a 5.5-hp Briggs & Stratton engine, a 22-inch seeding width and an easy-to-use 30-pound hopper made from molded plastic to reduce friction. Its 12-gauge steel blades are angled and beveled to give an optimal depth for seeding. Seed rate and size are regulated by a dial control mounted on the handle. The handle itself is ergonomically designed for comfortable control and folds down to make it easier to transport.
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The new Model HB20 SideWinder offers a pivot-action base, allowing the operator to keep the wheelbase stationary while using a smooth gliding motion back and forth to grind stumps. The user can position the HB20 in close proximity to the stump, release the pivot pin, and simply swing the handlebars from side to side. Traditional handlebar units require additional effort from the operator to reposition the entire machine, including the undercarriage, especially on uneven terrain.
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Nikko Tanaka Engineering U.S.A. introduces the TPH-260PF new articulating pole hedge trimmer. With a 130-degree articulating angle, it is designed for trimming tall hedges as well as clearing tough ground cover. Powered by Tanaka's 25-cc, 1.3-hp PureFire engine, key features include a 23-fluid ounce see-through fuel tank, padded “D” handle, and a solid-steel drive shaft. The TPH-260PF contains 22-inch double-sided, dual reciprocating blades that can cut through branches ¾-inches thick.
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The Wood-Pro 25Qi160 All Vegetation Shredder is a one-hopper chipper and shredder designed to uniformly reduce debris into small chips or mulch without using sizing roads or screens that tend to clog and slow down chipping. The unit can handle material including leaves and weeds, up to 4-inch diameter brush, or tree limbs. The 25Qi160 is powered by a 16-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine that drives the patented 25-inch triple-action rotor.
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Daniel Manufacturing

The Exca-Beak is a new grapple system for compact excavators and loader backhoes designed for hardscaping, demolition, feeding chippers, tub grinders, concrete tear out, and firewood processing. With no limited range of operation like a thumb, the Exca-Beak allows the full operating range of the bucket. The Exca-Beak is available in all popular quick-tach styles and can be supplied in pin-on configuration.
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Finn Corp.

Finn's Hydroseeder features hydraulically driven mechanical agitation systems, a direct-drive engine, and clutch and pump assembly for improved performance on the job. The hydraulic system allows operators to mix thick slurry, alleviates maintenance setbacks and prevents the pump from clogging. Finn offers both the 300- and 600-gallon sizes to the rental industry.
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General Equipment

The 300 Series professional hole diggers from General Equipment are designed to handle heavy-duty digging projects from commercial fencing to upscale landscaping. A four-cycle, 3,600-rpm Honda GXV140 5-hp gasoline engine powers the series, and a Lo Tone muffler reduces operating sound. A resistor-type spark plug helps with starting. To increase operator control, a durable Magura twist-grip throttle is positioned to maximize hand and arm strength.
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The Bobcat Tree Fork Attachment is designed to carry balled, potted and burlap-covered trees, decorative landscape rock and other odd-shaped objects. Approved for use on Bobcat MT52 and MT55 mini-track loaders, and Bobcat 463 and 553 skid-steer loaders. The tree fork transports objects between 7-inches and 36-inches wide. Angled pads help grasp the object as well as support it from the bottom.
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SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International introduces the new 7500 bulk spreader. Featuring a 1.4-cubic-yard capacity material hopper constructed entirely of polyethylene, the 7500 eliminates the corrosion concerns and constant maintenance commonly associated with standard steel V-box alternatives. Though the hopper features thick-walled construction, the unit is up to 40-percent lighter than similar capacity steel-built options, making it easier to install or remove. Intended for use in pick-up trucks, the 7500 features the same patented multi-angle hopper and inverted-V salt/sand baffle design found throughout the SnowEx line of V-box spreaders
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RockHound Attachments

The new BrushHound 40 Extreme brush shredder uses its triple knife option to shred 8-inch vegetation using a standard excavator auxiliary hydraulic circuit. It features a direct-drive high-pressure hydraulic motor that needs only 24 gpm for maximum performance. At 1,350 pounds, the shredder can mount to mid-sized 18K class excavators and backhoes.

Roger Sharkey, owner of Sharkey's Helicopters, Lebanon, N.H., is pleased with the cutting performance of the 40 Extreme shredder. “The triple hammer knife is a terrific idea, and mounted on my Kubota KX080, it will cut and mulch up to 8-inch material into very small pieces.”
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Jacobsen announces improvements to its all-electric walking greens mower, the E-Walk. A redesigned electronic control unit simplifies the functional options, allowing operators to adjust the settings for reel and mow speeds by choosing from menu options on the easy-to-read LCD screen. Within the base unit, both the motors that power the reels and drive the traction system have been redesigned to be more durable.
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Rayco Mfg.

The RG 1635 Super Junior lightweight self-propelled stump cutter from Rayco is designed to deliver maximum productivity at an affordable price. It offers a twin-cylinder, 25-hp Kohler engine, or a twin-cylinder 35-hp Vanguard engine. Other features include hydraulic steering with a pivoting front axel, anti-creep hill brake, variable travel speed and a quick-stop cutter wheel.

Scott Welsh of Copley, Ohio-based Copley Tool Rental, says that rental customers like the Super Junior's power steering feature coupled with the 35-hp Vanguard engine. “We have two RG 1635 SJR's that are constantly out on rental with our tree care professionals during the week, and homeowners during the weekend,” Welsh says.
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Turbo Technologies

Turbo Technologies offers the HS-300EH hydroseeding system. Its ease of operation allows homeowners to quickly learn how to operate the machine. The HS-300EH features a 13-hp Honda electric-start engine, new higher-pressure pumps and new custom poly tanks with molded-in bale hoppers.
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