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RER Spotlights: Fall Lawn & Garden Equipment

Sept. 1, 2012
RER Magazine spotlights Fall Lawn & Garden Equipment from Blackburn Manufacturing, SourceOne, Parker, Bear Cat, Turf Teq, John Deere Commercial, and more.

blackburn manufacturing

Blackburn Manufacturing offers colorful plain and printed flags for marking sprinkler heads and ground obstacles when renting aerators, dethatchers and other dig-in lawn equipment. Custom-printed flags can be ordered with a 10-day turnaround. Reader Service No. 150 •


SourceOne Plugr turf aerators are engineered to operate with a minimal number of parts. Plugrs operate on a simple, cam design, and tines are driven into the ground by the engine. The 22-inch Plugr PL410, which can be hauled in most vehicles, was specifically designed for the rental market to provide a good ROI and require low maintenance. Reader Service No. 151 •

ariens co.

Ariens offers 27- and 34-ton log splitters to accommodate a variety of jobs. Both splitters have an open operating zone, which promotes less operator bending, reaching and fatigue as operators can walk right into the work zone. Critical components and hoses are located at the front of the machine reducing the likelihood of damage from dropped logs. A work table and log cradle are standard features for productivity and ease of use, eliminating the need to set logs on the ground or having logs drop to the ground. Both models feature a Subaru engine with noise-reducing muffler design. Reader Service No. 152 •


Parker introduces the All Purpose Vacuum designed to pick up plastic and glass bottles, leaves, twigs, cans and other debris on hard or turf surfaces. The on-board hose is a standard feature on Model 99582100, allowing the operator to vacuum under shrubs and other difficult-to-reach areas. The fan is housed in 12-gauge steel and the handles, which fold down for easy storage, have an ergonomically designed soft grip. The APV features a 6.75-hp, 190-cc Briggs & Stratton engine. Reader Service No. 153 •

bear cat

ECHO Bear Cat stump grinders feature a compact 23-inch wide body design and carbide steel cutting teeth. The 12 hardened carbide steel cutting teeth rotates at engine speed for faster grinding, smooth cutting and smaller chips and debris. Other features include a 340-cc Honda OHV engine, 22-inch 4-ply pneumatic tires, double-banded belt drive and a fully enclosed housing. Reader Service No. 154 •

john deere commercial

The new John Deere ZTrak PRO Z925 with electronic fuel injection is designed to provide up to 25 percent fuel savings for landscape contractors. The Z925 EFI offers a closed loop fuel injection system that constantly monitors engine performance. Fuel injectors respond to the load on the engine with the right amount of fuel, delivering maximum fuel efficiency for the conditions. The 27-hp engine includes an exclusive Tuff Torq integrated transmission that features 13 cc piston-style pumps and 13 cc wheel motors for increased efficiency. The Z925 EFI offers a 54- or 60-inch, 7-Iron PRO mowing deck. Reader Service No. 155 •

turf teq

The Turf Teq Power Rake is designed for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. The unit features a 36-inch wide drum. The pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the operator position. The unit also features a hydrostatic transmission, 13-hp Honda engine and the on-the-go differential lock. The Power Rake has a multi-use tractor that can easily be converted to a walk-behind power boom, power edger, brush cutter and plow. Reader Service No. 156 •

billy goat industries

Billy Goat’s Force wheeled blower are up to 30-percent lighter and offer up to seven times the power of a backpack. Rounded composite housings and 16-blade advanced fan technology provides improved performance. Other features include an ergonomic handle and patented Aim-n-Shoot airflow. Reader Service No. 157 •


The Mantis XP tiller/cultivator weighs 34 pounds and utilizes a 35-cc Honda, 4-cycle engine to spin Mantis’ patented serpentine tines up to 240 rpm through hard, compact soils up to 10 inches deep in a 16-inch swath. Independently mounted dual tine banks offer the flexibility to go from a wide 16-inch width to a single-tine bank Mantis Mini width of 9 inches. Reader Service No. 158 •

ditch witch

The Ditch Witch RT80 Quad heavy-duty ride-on trencher and vibratory plow is designed by the Charles Machine Works to provide traction and performance on rough and uneven terrain. The 83-hp RT80 Quad features a three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive that provides the necessary power to tackle any jobsite with the machine’s vibratory plow, traversing trencher, saw or backhoe attachments. Equipped with a heavy-duty undercarriage and components, the RT80 Quad is suited for installing utilities in tough job conditions. Its axle capacity offers a static load rating of 39,000 pounds. Reader Service No. 159 •


TurfEx introduces the new Thatch, Groom, ‘N’ Sweep Package, an attachment system designed specifically for zero-turn mowers. The attachment can be converted from a sweeper to a dethatcher without having to purchase additional equipment. Available in both 48- and 60-inch widths, the Thatch, Groom, ‘N’ Sweep Package uses a universal mount that easily fits the form of most major manufacturers’ zero-turn mowers. The attachment includes two rows of brush sections that can be replaced with spring-mounted tines to turn the sweeper into a dethatcher. To switch between the two, the operator simply removes a containment plate, and then slides the brush or tine sections in and out of the housing. As a sweeper, the attachment is suitable for both grooming and debris cleanup applications. Reader Service No. 160 •

general equipment

The 240 hole digger from General Equipment Co. features four-stroke engine technology on a one-man, hand-held hole-digging product. A 1.6-hp Subaru EH035 four-stroke gasoline engine supplies the power to the 240 hole digger. The engine’s four-stroke technology is more fuel-efficient than a two-stroke system and it complies with all applicable emission control regulations. The four-stroke engine also eliminates the need for premixed fuel and oil solutions, effectively removing any worries of engine damage caused by improper mixing techniques. A Magura twist-grip throttle controls the engine speed for optimal power output. Using a highly efficient spur gear transmission, the 240 produces a maximum drilling torque of 55 foot-pounds for improved digging performance. Reader Service No. 161 •

little beaver

The Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig offers 2,500 pounds of lifting capacity and the ability to turn augers up to 18 inches in diameter. Constructed with a welded mechanical-steel frame, the Big beaver is designed for a variety of applications including soil sampling, foundation repair and drilling environmental test wells. Available in two models, the Big Beaver and the Big beaver XL, the hydraulically powered units may be specified to produce a range of maximum drilling torques from 690 foot-pounds and auger speeds from 114 to 547 rpm, respectively, when provided up to 12 gpm and 3,000 psi. Both models have been designed to work with Little Beaver’s D-series augers, which range in diameter from 4 to 18 inches. Reader Service No. 162 •


The Rayco Super Jr compact, self-propelled stump cutter series feature 3-position swing-out operator control stations to allow better visibility of the cutting action and easier travel through gates. The swing-out control feature is useful when visibility is crucial, such as grinding stumps near obstructions such as sidewalks or driveways. Novice operators will have an easier time operating the swing-out control models efficiently, making the Super Jr models well suited for rental stores. Reader Service No. 163 •

honda power equipment

The FC600 model mid-tine commercial-grade tiller is designed for commercial, rental and residential markets. The FC600 incorporates a one-touch transport wheel, simplified drag-bar operation and a single-piece reinforced handlebar. Other design elements include a multi-function front guard, a heavier-duty fender, new tine axle seal guards and gear case, a strengthened engine mount and a commercial-grade fuel cap. Reader Service No. 164 •