Fall Lawn & Garden Equipment

Sept. 1, 2005
Miller Spreader The MC350 Landscape Curbilder from Miller Spreader is designed to place decorative landscape curbing and smaller commercial curbing. A

Miller Spreader

The MC350 Landscape Curbilder from Miller Spreader is designed to place decorative landscape curbing and smaller commercial curbing. A 6-inch reciprocating plunger pushes the curb mix from the hopper into the curb form. The plunger assembly components are machined to tight and exacting tolerances. Because the hopper is open on the bottom, dips and valleys in the base are filled in so site preparation doesn't need to be as precise as with an auger machine. Curb forms are reversible within the plunger housing so either left or right hand curbing can be placed with the same form. A level indicator, emergency stop switch, hour meter and operator's manual tube are located on the console.
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Morbark's models G52SP and D52SP stump grinders have a top speed of 3.2 mph and a cutter wheel and tooth design to grind stumps quickly. The boom design creates a 52-inch cutting arc, and the hexagon-shaped cutter wheel offers less resistance and friction through the stump. The standard operator's control station, with well-spaced hydraulic levers, is located for maximum visibility of the grinding wheel. Optional wireless or wired remote controls free the operator for optimum visibility away from dust and debris. The stationary engine design creates a low center of gravity and stability to minimize rollovers and engine oil starvation. In addition, steering on wet turf, loose gravel and uneven terrain is optimized with hydraulic equalization valves and an articulating front axle.
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Turf Teq

Turf Teq introduces a power rake to complement its SideWinder product line. The SideWinder is designed for all types of seedbed preparation and features a 36-inch-wide drum. The pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the operator position. The unit also features a hydrostatic transmission, 13-hp Honda engine and on-the-go differential lock.
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Rayco Manufacturing's RC 6D brush chipper is lightweight and easily towed behind a pickup truck. Reversing auto feed keeps the RC 6D at the correct rpm level to create more uniform chips, uses less fuel and minimizes vibration, which reduces wood shifting to keep the operator safer. A 25-hp Kohler V-twin engine produces torque ratings of 39.5 foot-pounds at 2,800 rpm for high performance, while providing long-life and easy maintenance.
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Bandit Industries

Bandit's line of 6-, 9-, 12-, 14-, 15- and 18-inch diameter capacity hand-fed tree and brush chippers have wide openings and powerful hydraulic feed systems. All Bandit chippers feature 360-degree swivel discharge spouts. The chippers are designed to deliver high quality, dimensional chips while providing higher fuel efficiency to increase profits.

Todd Phillips, general manager of Jefferson Rent-All in Jefferson, N.C., owns the 65XL brush chipper with a Hatz diesel engine. He had a customer come in who said the machine wasn't working, when actually he'd just run out of fuel after running the machine for nine hours. Phillips has had other machines that run out of gas after three or four hours. “It's got plenty of power, and it's easy on fuel,” Phillips says. “Our new one is diesel and it uses half the fuel the other one did.” Phillips also says it's a great machine for both homeowners and contractors, making it a great rental item.
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The Hawk stump grinder is designed to offer a portable, user-friendly alternative to full-sized stump grinders. At 30.5 inches wide and 320 pounds, the Hawk can be used for rental or on a professional's truck. The Hawk is capable of grinding any stump diameter from a height of 24 inches down to 16 inches below grade. Plus, the Hawk is built to deliver durability, simplicity, low maintenance and high performance. Features include eight individually replaceable teeth for quicker cutting and easy maintenance, an ergonomically positioned footrest to simplify recoil engine pull start, and a single idler wheel to deliver maximum power with less wear and tear to the belt.

Glenn Howle, owner of Metro Equipment & Rental in Midland, Texas, says the Hawk rents well. “The customers walk right past the other brands of stump grinders and want to rent the Hawk,” he says. “And if it is out, they will wait for it to come back in … Our customers really like that machine.”
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Little Wonder

The Little Wonder high-output blower line includes four models: The 8- and 10-hp models feature Briggs & Stratton Intek IC engines and the 9- and 13-hp (pictured) models feature Honda GX engines. A cushion-gripped, height-adjustable, ergonomically designed handle adds to operator comfort. A patented deflector splits the air stream to make use of the fastest moving air. The centrifugal blower design works with a reverse-inclined blade impeller creating a greater volume of air that moves at increased velocity.
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The JRCO electric broadcast spreader fits commercial riding and walk-behind mowers as well as utility vehicles. Features include a molded hopper base with improved stainless-steel gate controls, fan and vibrating agitator. A large polyethylene hopper holds 120 pounds supported by a stainless-steel frame. An electronic speed control adjusts fan speed for accurate spread widths from 5 to 24 feet. Model 503 has a foot-operated gate for mid-mount ZTRs while model 504 has a push-pull cable for walk-behinds and utility vehicles.
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Billy Goat

The AE400H aerator features rugged folding handles and a proprietary watering tank making it compact, light and easy to transport. Optimum weight placement makes lifting the tine assembly out of the ground easy and yields the greatest tine penetration. The low center of gravity makes this machine stable during operation.
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The BedBug landscaping edger creates landscape beds with its bed-shaping head, and the CableLayer lays pet fence or landscape lighting from 2 to 4 inches deep in one easy operation. A common platform and interchangeable blades and shields allow the operator to switch between each unit in minutes. Each unit is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda GX engine with a centrifugal clutch. Carbide-tipped cutting blades provide consistent performance even through roots and hard ground. Four smooth tires offer stability, less turf damage and easy cleanup.
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Honda Power Equipment

Honda's FRC800 rear-tine tiller features large-diameter, 14-inch tires for smooth operation. An overall weight of 275 pounds provides traction without the need for wheel weights, and ease of use is enhanced through a simplified tine engagement lockout system and a low center of gravity. The tiller is powered by Honda's commercial grade GX240 8-hp engine. Engine maintenance intervals are lengthened through the use of a Cyclone air filter that provides for a 600 percent service interval increase over conventional filters, according to the company.
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John Deere

The new John Deere BH25LE handheld blower is equipped with a low-emissions, 4-stroke engine and meets EPA Phase II and CARB Tier II emission regulations. Designed for high performance and ease of use, the BH25LE is equipped with a thumb control lever for easy handling and sliding spark plug cover for easy maintenance. The compact, lightweight design and the rubber grip handle provide added operator comfort. The BH25LE has a maximum air velocity of 145 mph, a 358-cfm air volume and a powerful 24.5-cc, 4-stroke engine. The soft-tone muffler reduces noise levels to 66.5-dBA, and cruise control is standard.
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Bear Cat

The Bear Cat self-propelled EZ TrimMowers can churn through heavy brush, as well as trim around landscaping. The TrimMower's 2-wheel drive sprockets and chain drives offer more traction than single-wheel drive models, according to the company. Engines range from 5.5 to 6.5 hp, with manual or electric start, dependent on model. Two different weights of nylon cutting string are available with a quick-change system for precise cutting. The EZ TrimMowers have a cutting width of 24 inches and offer cutting heights of 1-7/8 inches. By replacing the string trimmer head with the Bear Cat Sabre Tooth Blade, saplings up to 3 inches in diameter can be cut with balance and leverage. Six models are available, ranging from Economy to Tilt & Trim.
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The EBZ8000 backpack blower from RedMax is powered by a 4.6-hp, 72-cc, strato-charged 2-cycle engine that moves a maximum of 943 cfm of air at speeds up to 203 mph. RedMax's FreeFlow system protects the engine from overheating. The 24.9-pound blower is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and maximum productivity. It features air cooling and lumbar support for the operator, as well as extra-wide straps and a left or right hand throttle.
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Corona Clipper

Corona Clipper introduces the Quick Connect System, which was created in response to the need for faster wheelbarrow assembly and the absence of bolt heads inside the tray. The WB 2506K and WB 2606K wheelbarrows have a smooth, extra heavy-duty steel tray that is designed to resist rust, dirt collection and leakage by eliminating the bolt holes. There are no bolt heads in the tray to stub a shovel or mixing hoe on. The tray is secured to the frame with an innovative bracket welded to the underside. The bolt head slides into the bracket and securely connects the undercarriage. Custom-fit wedges assembled above the handle are made to drop between the tray brackets, reducing gaps and adding support to the tray.
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