April 1, 2007
Subaru Robin Subaru Robin's V-twin cylinder series engines feature optimum durability, high power and low exhaust emissions in a small package. The 4-cycle

Subaru Robin

Subaru Robin's V-twin cylinder series engines feature optimum durability, high power and low exhaust emissions in a small package. The 4-cycle OHV gasoline engines are designed for a variety of industrial and construction equipment. Ranging from 18 to 25 hp, the engines provide smooth torque throughout the rpm range and improved breathing at high rpm. Heavy-duty features include an aluminum allow block, cast-iron cylinder liners, a forged steel crankshaft and high loading capacity ball bearing.
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Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton introduces its first electronic fuel injection model as an extension of its Vanguard 3/LC 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled commercial engine line. Developed in conjunction with Daihatsu, the Vanguard 3/LC EFI engine is capable of delivering increased fuel economy — up to 30-percent fuel savings, depending on duty cycle — with increased responsiveness at all engine speeds. The EFI system automatically adjusts engine settings in real time for quick, no-choke cold starts, and to compensate for altitude and environmental variables.
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American Honda

The newest addition to Honda's engine lineup is the iGX, an intelligent computer-controlled general-purpose engine designed for ease of use, fuel efficiency and quiet operation. It features an integrated electronic control unit that delivers complete drive-by-wire remote control capability and controls key aspects of engine operation. iGX technology is engineered to lower fuel consumption, emissions, and noise through reduced total engine running time and engine speed that can be decreased based on power demands. Because the iGX eliminates the need for manual manipulation of the choke and throttle it is suited for rental applications.
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Komatsu America is gradually introducing its Tier 3 engines, engineered to reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions while improving fuel efficiency. The new engines incorporate improvements to the combustion chambers for better air/fuel mixing and optimal combustion. These designs set the stage for compliance with future Tier 4 regulations. This technology allows the small-size engines to be compliant without adding further systems. For the mid-size engines, Komatsu applies the heavy-duty cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, which reduces NOx emissions without sacrificing fuel economy, the company says. The high-capacity, heavy-duty twin-valve cooled EGR system features intake air bypass for high-load and wider speed usage, precision electronic-controlled hydraulic twin valves and a durable EGR cooler for operation in rough environments.
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Caterpillar's C-9, 350-hp industrial engine is an in-line, 6-cylinder, air-to-air after-cooled engine that features the Caterpillar ADEM TM III controller and HEUI TM-B fuel system. The ADEM III is an electronic control module designed to provide more control input and output allowing additional features to be added or parameters controlled and monitored. The HEUI fuel system utilizes hydraulically actuated, electronically controlled unit injectors and allows complete, adjustment-free electronic control of fuel injection pressure, timing and duration, providing greater flexibility for programmed electronic control strategies that determine engine performance and emissions control characteristics. The C-9 is also available in 275 to 335 hp and is rated between 1,800 to 2,200 rpm for industrial applications.
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The Deutz 2011 family of oil-cooled engines has met the Tier 3 emissions standards by using mechanical engine controls and direct fuel injection, made possible by the company's continued refinement of the combustion process. By focusing on high power density Deutz has increased its rating choices up to 99 hp with low fuel consumption and good cold starting in a simple and easy-to-install package, the company says.
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Iveco Motors of North America

The new NEF N60 ENT NG natural gas engine for the power generation market is a 4-stroke spark-ignited cycle with a 2-valve-per-cylinder, 6-cylinder in-line configuration. The liquid-cooled natural gas engine has a 5.9L displacement and was designed with low fuel consumption, as well as low noise levels. The engine, available as a stand-alone engine or gen-drive, has a variable speed rating of 180 hp at 2,300 rpm and a gen-drive rating of 120 kWm at 1,800 rpm.
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SAKOR Technologies

Sakor Technologies introduces the VersaDyne, a completely integrated turn-key system for testing small 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. The VersaDyne is designed for testing engines found in equipment such as small outboard motors, tractors, lawn-care tools and generators. Available in sizes ranging from 5 to 30 kW, the VersaDyne features the versatility of a regenerative AC motoring dynamometer in a convertible, horizontal/vertical package.
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John Deere Power Systems

The new Tier 3/Stage 3 A certified PowerTech E family of off-highway diesel engines is designed to offer customers improved performance over their Tier 2/Stage 2 counterparts. Both the EPA and the EU have certified the PowerTech E 6.8L and 4.5L engines. One of the key aspects of the PowerTech E lineup is the fact that it brings the benefits of electronics to engines that are less than 100 hp. With its Tier 2 lineup, electronic options for John Deere engines went down to 110 hp, but with Tier 3, John Deere customers can get electronically controlled engines down to 60 hp.
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The new 34-, 36-, and 38-hp gasoline engines from Kohler are designed to provide more power to accommodate larger and more sophisticated equipment. These new air-cooled, V-twin Kohler Command PRO models at 999 cc are available in both horizontal- and vertical-shaft configurations and meet the new EPA Tier 3 and CARB emissions requirements.
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JCB Dieselmax engines, available in a range of JCB construction and agricultural machines, are now approved for the use of B20 biodiesel fuel. Biofuels are a carbon-neutral energy source that create lower emissions and are produced from renewable resources.
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