Engines Product Spotlight, April 2010

April 1, 2010
Briggs & Stratton Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power recently launched four new Vanguard single-cylinder engines with a single lever, the Transport-Guard

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power recently launched four new Vanguard single-cylinder engines with a single lever, the Transport-Guard system. With the flip of a switch, operators simultaneously shut off fuel and the ignition, preventing oil dilution. Ranging from 5.5 to 10.0 gross hp, features include: a high-mounted canister-style air cleaner with 22-percent more filter area; an all-metal fuel tank mounted directly to the engine block to reduce emissions and add durability; and a water-repellant air filter, protected by a full metal cage with a triple-seal design to decrease dirt, dust and debris intake.
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Perkins Engines' 1200 Series provide power range from 60kW to 225kW (80 to 300 hp). The 1206E-E70TTA (300 hp) represents a 21-percent increase in power compared with Perkins' current 6.6-liter offering. The model is fitted with two turbochargers. The 1206E-E66TA is a 175-hp engine. Both 1206 models utilize a diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter to ensure compliance with particulate emissions regulations. The new 1204 model replaces the 1104 and is offered in two versions: the turbo, intercooled version — the 1204E-E44TA and the twin-turbo 12-4E-E44TTA.
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Cummins introduces four new EPA Tier-4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB emissions-meeting engines. The next generation of 4-cylinder QSB3.3 and QSB4.5 engines are designed for compact equipment. The QSX11.9 and QSX15 engines range from 300 hp to 600 hp. The XPI system is complemented by a single Cummins turbocharger able to continuously vary airflow boost to match engine rpm and load demands. The units feature a scaled-down cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and Cummins particulate exhaust aftertreatment. The direct-flow air cleaner reduces space claim by up to 35 percent compared with typical Tier-3 filters.
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American Honda

The V-Twin Engine Series offered by Honda features six models with both horizontal- and vertical-shaft configurations primarily for utility vehicles, mowers, garden tractors, trenchers, stump grinders, chippers/shredders, concrete saws, vibratory rollers, ride-on trowels, commercial generators and pressure washers. With the 36-blade low-noise resin cooling fan, the engines improve cooling efficiencies. Features include hemispherical combustion chamber design, higher compression ratio, increased displacement and steel connecting rods. Models are the GX630, GX660, GX690, GXV620, GXV550 and GXV690.
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JCB's Ecomax T4 4.4-liter engine, the latest generation of JCB Dieselmax engines, is undergoing in-field testing, the company having focused on meeting Tier-4 interim emission standards without a diesel particulate filter. With second-generation common-rail fuel-injection technology, injection pressures have been raised to 29,000 psi and nozzle-hold geometry has been refined to improve distribution of the fuel within the cylinder. Cooled exhaust gas recirculation is used to clean up exhaust gases before they are passed from the engine.
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Komatsu America Corp.

Komatsu's new diesel engine is designed to meet Tier-4 emissions regulations, reducing exhaust gas particulate matter by more than 90 percent and oxides of nitrogen by more than 45 percent. The new technology includes newly designed variable geometry turbocharger and diesel particulate filter; heavy-duty high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and a redesigned combustion chamber at the top of the piston.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson's WM series of 4-cycle engines feature a chain-driven, overhead cam design, backed by a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Three models are available: 4.3-hp WM 130; the 5.8-hp WM 170 and 9-hp WM 270. Features include heavy-duty piston rings, dual crankshaft ball bearings, case iron cylinder sleeve and forged rocker arms. A pent-roof combustion chamber is designed to increase horsepower and torque.
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Kohler Co.

Kohler Co. has upgraded its air-cleaning system functionality on Kohler's Command Pro single-cylinder, horizontal-shaft commercial engines. Kohler's four-stage cyclonic, heavy-duty air filtration system begins with a mesh screen at the air-intake port. Once entered the cleaning chamber, air is circulated in a cyclonic motion to force large contaminants from the engine. Remaining air passes through a reusable foam pre-cleanser to trap midsize particles.
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Subaru Industrial Engines' V-Twin cylinder series engines are 4-cycle overhead-valve gasoline engines ranging from 18- to 25-hp. The EH63 offers 18 hp, the EH 64 provides 20 hp, the EH65 offers 22 hp and the EH72 offers 25 hp. Heavy-duty features include an aluminum-alloy block, cast-iron cylinder lines, a forged-steel crankshaft and high-loading-capacity ball bearings. A full-pressure lubrication system with trochoid-type oil pump and high-capacity air cleaner with dual elements enhance engine reliability.
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John Deere Power Systems

John Deere Power Systems' new generator-drive prime power Interim Tier-4 engines feature Deere's PowerTech Plus Tier-3 engine platform, which includes cooled exhaust gas recirculation for NOx control, with an added exhaust filter to reduce particulates. The new PowerTech engine models provide improved low-speed torque and enhanced high-altitude operation.
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Mystik Lubricants

Mystik's new JT-4 2-cycle lawn and garden engine oil is a synthetic-blend lubricant designed for use in high-performance, air-cooled, 2-cycle engines. Engineered for lower smoke and advanced protection, the formula is designed to offer protection against exhaust port blocking, combustion chamber and piston deposits, ring sticking and scuffing and wear. The oil is pre-diluted to facilitate mixing with gasoline and improved flow in oil-injection systems. Can be used in generators, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, chain saws and more.
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