What Else Is New? November 2010

Nov. 1, 2010
Every month, dozens of new products are introduced by manufacturers serving the rental industry. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings.

The Model Z5-AF drain-cleaning machine from Electric Eel features a 2-way auto cable feed that advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever, while a cable guide spring keeps hands off rotating cable for added safety. The Model Z5-AF drain- and sewer-cleaning machine cleans 1 ¼- to 3-inch-diameter lines up to 100 feet. The Model Z5-AF fills gaps for those jobs that require a longer run in smaller drain lines.
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Komplet mini crushers are designed to save contractors time, money and manpower. Komplet recycling products crush glass, porcelain, marble, granite, bricks, blocks, asphalt and reinforced concrete onsite for immediate reuse. The Lemtrack 48-25 runs all day on 5 to 7 gallons of diesel fuel. It will eliminate trucking, landfill and base fees. The crusher is easily towed and the jaw crusher is safe to operate.
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As part of MSA's release of the ALTAIR 4X gas detector, a new ALTAIR 4 QuickCheck Station software version is now available and is currently installed in production units. This version allows the ALTAIR 4 QuickCheck Station to bump test both ALTAIR 4 and ALTAIR 4X Gas Detectors.
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The new GA4534 paddle switch angle grinder from Makita has a 6-amp motor and is designed for masons, welders, stone/tile workers, and more. The GA4534 is engineered with non-protruding brush holders and a motor housing that reduces the barrel diameter to 2 3/16 inches. It features an ergonomic grip for added comfort and weighs only 4.2 pounds for reduced operator fatigue.
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The Ditch Witch MT12 MicroTrencher is designed for contractors installing fiber-optic cable along paved rights-of-way. With its four saw blades, the MT12 cleanly slices through asphalt to create the trench in one quick and efficient pass. Blades can be easily changed in the field with standard hand tools, reducing downtime.
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Bosch introduces a high-performance diamond blade lineup that delivers up to five-times-longer life and 20-percent more speed than standard diamond blades, according to the manufacturer. The new blade formulations are specially designed to deliver optimal performance for the specific concrete, tile and hard material applications they are used for. The lineup includes segmented rim blades for fast, rough cuts in concrete, brick and pavers.
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Lift-A-Lot Corp. introduces a self-contained scissorlift designed to be easily mounted or removed from the bed of a pick-up truck. The TL22 can be mounted in any pick-up truck that offers 2,650 pounds of payload with an 8-foot-long bed. It features a self-contained power pack that automatically recharges from the truck's electrical system. The TL22 offers 500 pounds of platform capacity and meets ANSI A92.2 requirements.
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NuStar introduces the Super Power Pusher, a pedestrian-operated, battery-powered pusher that can roll loads of up to 150,000 pounds up a 5-percent grade without forklifts or other ride-on equipment, the maker says. The Super Power Pusher has variable speed with soft touch control. It has automatic braking and is anti-runaway. A 3-stage, 3- by 15-amp output 110- or 240-volt charger is built in.
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