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May 1, 2012
Allied Construction Products Allied Construction Products introduces three all-new Sandvik small-range breakers the BR555, BR777 and BR999 (pictured).

Allied Construction Products

Allied Construction Products introduces three all-new Sandvik small-range breakers — the BR555, BR777 and BR999 (pictured). Designed without tie rods and incorporating the Constant Blow Energy plus operating system, all three of the new breakers are built to be powerful, reliable and easy to maintain. The integrated, one-piece tool busing design includes the thrust ring, upper bushing, lower busing and dust seal requiring fewer parts. The box-type housing incorporates high-tech dampening material that reduces noise and vibration in addition to fully-protecting the power cell.

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Terex TXH Series hydraulic hammers are built for complete compatibility with Terex compact excavators and loader backhoes. Every hammer in the TXH Series is vibra-silenced, via the polymer suspension pad, to reduce total operator and carrier machine vibration exposure. These hammers are engineered to guarantee lower sound power levels, and the entire hydraulic hammer system is maintained through a single-point greasing system. Its one-piece box design does not use cross-bolts, allowing the hammer to work in a narrower trench or close quarters without concern that the hammer could get hung up.

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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Construction Tools introduces two new hydraulic Bulk Pulverizers designed for secondary demolition and additional reduction of reinforced concrete elements. The broad jaw makes it easy to feed in demolition material on the ground, which helps to speed up work and enables the clean separation of rebar and concrete and their subsequent reduction into grain sizes suitable for crushing or use as backfill. An optional hydraulic rotation device also makes it possible to use the BP Bulk Pulverizers for primary demolition of ceilings and walls.

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The Brokk 160 demolition machine features a lightweight design and has the ability to handle cement and metal processing, construction and demolition, mining and tunneling, and nuclear applications. Powered by a 25-hp electric motor, the unit features a reach of 15.8 feet with the included SB202 breaker. With a height of 4.1 feet and width of 2.6 feet, the Brokk 160 is compact and low-profile enough to work in tight and restricted areas, while the emissions-free motor allows usage in confined spaces.

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The Demolition Hammer Shroud is used with DeWalt demolition hammers and pavement breakers to help extract particles and dust created in heavy demolition applications. The shroud is compatible with the D25980 and D25960 hammers and can be used with pointed and flat chisels up to 1 ¼ inches. “We recognize that we have a role in helping to make jobsites as safe and productive as possible,” says Jeff Beck, product manager DeWalt. “Dust and crystalline silica exposure is a serious issue facing many contractors today. Our new dust collection system, along with our current dust extraction products, will help to protect users and allow them to feel confident in the tools they require to earn a living.”

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The HM1307CB 35-pound demolition hammer from Makita accepts 1 1/8-inch hex shank bits. Features include a 14-amp motor that produces 730 to 1,450 bpm; Constant Speed Control that automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain consistent speed under load; and soft start, which suppresses start-up reaction for more control and better accuracy. A variable-speed control dial enables users to match the speed to the application for greater versatility, and an LED service light notifies the user approximately 8 hours before the brushes need to be replaced.

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The new Hilti TE 700-AVR demolition hammer is specially designed for extensive renovation work. Featuring 15-percent more power, a reduced contact pressure, as well as an optional TE DRS-B dust removal system, the TE 700-AVR is suited for removing masonry, breaking out penetrations in concrete and enlarging openings in walls, as well as removing tiles and plaster. The tool weighs 17.4 pounds and offers 8.5 foot-pounds of impact energy. An active cooling system reduces wear and tear; the three-chamber sealing helps keep dust out of the tool; and the brushless SR motor eliminates the need to replace carbon brushes. The result is longer intervals between service and twice the expected tool life.

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Bosch introduces the RH228VC Bulldog Xtreme Max Rotary Hammer designed to provide maximum performance in extreme concrete drilling and chiseling applications. Able to drill holes up to 1 1/8 inch in diameter, the RH228VC can also use core bits and perform all-day chiseling. A longer piston and impact bolt, combined with a precision-machined striker, increases the hammer's efficiency, which, in turn, increases speed and power, the maker says.

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The DXR 140 remote-controlled demolition robot from Husqvarna Construction Products is the smallest and lightest in its demolition robot line-up. Available with a 14.75-hp or 20.12-hp motor, the DXR 140 allows the operator to utilize up to 100 percent of the breaker's force. The power output and small design allow it to work in restricted spaces where the substrate requires a lightweight machine that is powerful enough to finish the job, the maker says. With a reach up to 12 feet, the DXR 140 is suitable for demolition work both indoors and out.

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