Photo by Trystar

Trystar Offers Custom Colors, Company Logos on Products to Enhance Brand Promotion

Nov. 22, 2022
To order an electrical component in a specific color, a customer must supply Trystar with a four-digit RAL color number and note the custom color request in the product order.

Trystar, a leader in electrical testing, control, and conveyance products, is offering a service to rental house customers to help them promote their brand names and track inventory by powder coating their electrical component cabinets with their brand's primary colors and logo.

To order an electrical component (e.g., spider box, distribution panel, or another electrical device) in a specific color, a customer must supply Trystar with a four-digit RAL color number and note the custom color request in the product order. Trystar will match the paint on the premises. It will then test the color integrity on the actual cabinet material by applying the powder coat and examining the results once the sample is dry. Similarly, a customer can also supply Trystar with logo art (i.e., .eps, .ai, or high-resolution PDF) and have its logo applied to the cabinet after the paint is dried and cured.

"In most circumstances, customers order custom colors to help differentiate and promote their brand in a construction or entertainment environment," said Trystar's Chris Tacheny, sales manager-Midwest/Canada. "The goal is to help current and prospective customers remember the rental house brand name as an electrical resource for future projects."

Specific colors on commercial and industrial equipment suggest certain iconic brands. Examples include the bright yellow used by Caterpillar, the dark green used on Cummins generators, the more vibrant green associated with John Deere, and the dark brown used by United Parcel Service. Marketing research indicates that more than 80 percent of visual information is related to color, the company said.

"One significant challenge for rental equipment houses is tracking inventory," said Tacheny. "A stolen, lost, or misplaced asset is lost revenue. Large rental houses use GPS, geo-fencing, RFID, and other high-tech means to track and monitor large equipment to alleviate some of the problems. However, smaller properties like cable and spider boxes are not as well protected. Simply labeling components deters theft and prevents more common work site mix-ups when more than one rental source supplies equipment for a project. We will also custom label welding and utility cables with a customer's name to help them track and manage inventory."

Trystar offers custom color and UV-printed logo services on various products, including spider boxes, distribution panels, load banks, portable ATS units, welding racks, transformers, and other products that rental houses may purchase for inventory.