What Else Is New?

Feb. 1, 2009
The Cure Sprayer Trailer from E-Z Drill is constructed entirely of heavy-duty steel and offers a simple way to cure concrete while preventing shrinkage

The Cure Sprayer Trailer from E-Z Drill is constructed entirely of heavy-duty steel and offers a simple way to cure concrete while preventing shrinkage and cracking. The unit operates with a 5-hp Honda engine and a Roper pump. The self-loading-design pumps cure directly from a barrel to the machine's 100-gallon tank within about 15 minutes. It handles a variety of concrete cures, making it easily adaptable to varying temperatures and moisture levels.
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Stone Construction Equipment introduces the Locking Leg for its Right Built Champion and Buddy by Stone mortar mixers. The unit attaches to the mixer's axle in place of the tire and helps to deter vandalism and theft. Two different size Locking Legs are available to fit the Stone mixers.
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The BPR35/60 series plate compactors from Bomag includes two models: the BPR35/60 features a 5.4-hp Honda air-cooled gasoline engine, while the BPR35/60D offers a 4.16-hp Hatz air-cooled diesel engine. Both models feature a vibratory exciter design that gives them a 23-percent faster working speed than the models they replace as well as improved gradeability on all types of soil. In addition, both offer a 13-percent increase in centrifugal force.
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SnowEx, a division of TrynEx, introduces the SP-1575 Bulk Pro Spreader, which is designed to handle bulk materials, such as salt, straight sand or sand/salt mixtures. Built with a 5.25-cubic-foot-capacity hopper, the SP-1575 features a two-stage auger system that is designed to ensure a steady feed of material to the spinner without clogging. The unit is entirely electric powered and the dual 12-volt electric drive/maximum torque transmission systems are completely sealed within a weather-resistant enclosure.
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Allmand Bros. upgrades its Maxi-Heat portable heater with higher static pressure and longer ducting. The upgraded unit is able to accommodate up to 110 feet of 16-inch ducting, rather than 40 feet with the previous model. The Maxi Heat features twin heater units that produce a maximum of 1.01 million Btu and may be operated independently, depending on heating requirements. A standard 1,800 rpm, liquid-cooled Isuzu diesel engine with regulated generator provides power for the heaters and electrical accessories.
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Bosch Power Tools introduces the Litheon-powered offerings in the 18- and 14.4-volt size ranges. The core of the mid-range Litheon launch is a full range of cordless drill/drivers and hammer drill/drivers. The Brute Tough lineup are designed to deliver increases in speed and runtime, especially in spade bit drilling, hole saw cutting and large fastener driving.
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The power trowel blades line-up from Stens includes three available blades — the finish blade, the combo blade and the float blade. The finish blades are available in two sizes of 6 inches by 14 inches or 6 inches by 18 inches. The float blades also come in two sizes of 10 inches by 14 inches and 10 inches by 18 inches. The combo blades are available in three sizes of 8 inches by 14 inches, 8 inches by 18 inches, and 4.75 inches by 9 inches.
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