Pressure washers & Paint sprayer Manufacturers Introduce New Products

Jan. 1, 2010
Krcher-Shark Krcher-Shark, a line engineered specifically for the rental industry, introduces a new trailer to its line of self-contained mobile wash


Kärcher-Shark, a line engineered specifically for the rental industry, introduces a new trailer to its line of self-contained mobile wash packages designed for portable pressure washing operations. The TRS-2500 is compatible with a broad selection of pressure washers and cleaning accessories that can be mixed and matched to create the complete mobile washing system. Typical users of the wash packages are construction companies, oil field operations, mines and municipalities.
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Hyde Tools

The new Rapid Valve Transfer spray system from Hyde Tools is controlled by a lightweight valve that can be transferred from a gun, for hand-held spraying, to the head of the spray pole for a higher reach. The RVT system has no heavy gun at the top of the pole and no need to power down the system to make the switch from hand-held to pole spraying. The RVT spray head can also be pivoted to the desired painting angle to reach ceilings or low areas quickly.
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Graco offers its RentalPro 210 and 230 electric airless sprayers designed to be compact and lightweight for painting contractors. Both models feature Graco's Endurance pump that provides longer life, higher performance and consistent spraying with a wide range of coatings, as well as PowerFlush cleaning.
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Jenny Products

Steam Jenny introduces four new models of belt-drive cold pressure washers, which are designed for heavy use and provide a longer pump life than direct-drive units. The belt absorbs engine vibration and allows the pump to be located farther away from the engine heat. All models are designed for maximum durability and portability to meet the demands of commercial-duty applications. The pressure washers are powered by 9- or 13-hp Honda GX Series engines, and all models feature a triplex ceramic plunger pump. The new models are available with pressure rating between 3,000 and 4,000 psi, and flow rates vary between 3 and 4 gpm.
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Pressure-Pro introduces its 2010 Pro V-belt drive pressure washer series. The line offers flow rates from 4 to 8 gpm, and pressure ranges of 3000 to 6000 psi. All models feature a rugged aluminum frame with lifetime warranty, adjustable pressure unloader valve with remote fuel tank, and safety pressure relief valve. All models feature AR, CAT or General pumps. Standard accessories include trigger gun and insulated grip wand assembly with quick connects; 50-foot high-pressure hose assembly with quick connects; Maxi-Flo 20-percent chemical injector assembly with quick connects; and 0-, 15-, 25-, 40- and 65-degree quick-connect nozzles.
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Titan Tool

The RentSpray 600 is designed to exceed the rental industry's need for high-output, everyday usage sprayers and is suited for heavy-duty production and spraying tougher coatings. The RentSpray 600 features a Perma-Life cylinder, electronic pressure control, a new auto oiler, die-cast aluminum housing and a lighted cord.
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The SideWinder is designed for use with both hot and cold pressure washers and cuts cleaning time and water usage for pressure washing of patio pavers, pool deck, driveways, sidewalks, roofs, decks and other paved surfaces. Available with or without wheels, the SideWinder also features collapsible handles.
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Riveer Company

Riveer introduces the all new Water Cannon Turbo, which features 100 gpm at 100 psi. The Turbo model features an industrial TEFC 20-hp electric motor and matching Gould's multi-stage pump; auto start/stop; 50 feet of 1.5-inch high-pressure hose; and a firefighter-style nozzle.
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Hydro Engineering

Hydro Engineering introduces its completely redesigned GSOV Hydroblaster — a portable hot water high-pressure wash system. A 20-hp Honda engine delivers 3,000 psi and 5 gpm of cleaning capacity. The diesel-fueled heating system results in a 140-degree temperature rise.
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