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Product of the Week - JCB 540-140 Hi Viz Loadall

Product of the Week - JCB 540-140 Hi Viz Loadall

JCB's 540-140 Hi Viz offers a nearly 8,500-pound maximum lift capacity with a maximum lift height of 44.2 feet on wheels, or 45.2 feet when using stabilizers. It comes equipped with a choice of Tier 4 Final diesel engines.

The boom loading for the 540-140 Hi Viz Loadall is up to 9.25 inches lower than the standard 540-140, designed for excellent visibility across the offside and to the rear of the machine. Visibility is further improved thanks to a 13 percent reduction in the boom section and a more compact rear chassis section which reduces overhang by 13 inches. Hydraulic performance is closely matched with the engine’s output, while lift performance has been tailored to the machine’s stability, both when working on wheels and with the stabilizers down. Additionally, hose burst check valves on the lift rams are designed to prevent collapse in the event of a hose failure. 

The 540-140 Hi Viz is powered by JCB’s EcoMAX diesel engine. A low-maintenance 74-hp version designed to meet the latest engine emission standards requires no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). JCB’s recalibration of the EcoMAX engine achieves this emission requirement while achieving an 8 percent fuel savings, according to the OEM.

The more powerful 108-hp and 125-hp versions of the EcoMAX engine also use JCB’s one-can Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solution with no DPF. The SCR unit, which uses a urea-based additive to reduce NOx emissions, is incorporated into a single exhaust muffler, replacing the existing exhaust box.

JCB’s ergonomic single lever control is available as an option. The Loadall has no complex interlocks or “dead-man” switches on its hydraulic controls, designed for easy to control and operation.

A wide-opening, gas-assisted engine canopy delivers ground-level maintenance. A dry lubricant system is designed to extend boom wear pad life, with service intervals of 500 hours.

The 540-140 Hi Viz will be offered with a range of attachments. There will be a choice of aerial work platform options, including a platform-ready specification, that operators can use with the Loadall, according to JCB. And all Loadall models are equipped with JCB LiveLink telematics.

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