How It’s Made Films Centreville’s AutoCone

The television show “”How It’s Made” (The Discovery Channel) spent a day June 5 filming production of a machine made by Centreville Manufacturing Inc., Centreville, Md. The show will feature the construction of the AutoCone 130, a robotic machine that automatically places and picks up traffic cones.

The AutoCone 130 was the Silver Award winner in RER’s annual Innovative Product Award in 2006.

“We were already big fans of the show,” said John Doran, president of Centreville. “To have the opportunity to contribute to the show is a great honor. The AutoCone 130 is one of the first machines that we ever developed from scratch without having another product to use as a basis. We are very proud of our employees, and the fact that our small company invented a much safer way to do a dangerous job.”

Scenes showing various manufacturing processes such as sawing, welding, painting, bending, wiring and other processes were filmed, ending with a road test of the machine placing and picking up cones.

The show was filmed June 5 and is scheduled to be aired in January.

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