Triton Power Introduces Worldwide Distributor Network

Triton Power, a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade generators, last week introduced the Worldwide Triton Power Distributor Network, designed to help builders, contractors and equipment dealers add generators to their mix of offerings to open new revenue channels and increase sales.

As reported in The Wall Street Journal, an International Energy Agency stated that the overall demand for energy will grow 50 percent in the years to come. This statistic points to a lucrative business opportunity for builders, contractors and equipment dealers to begin selling generators, Triton said.

To be accepted into the Triton program, local distributors must demonstrate a commitment to power needs and the highest quality of service in the power generator industry. Worldwide program regulations seek distributors that actively market Triton’s brand of products, installation and service.

“We established the Worldwide Triton Power Distributor Network as a way to change the business model of how generators are sold through these important channels,” said Brent Crego, vice president of Triton Power. “There is an incredible revenue opportunity and we want to provide our local distributors with the resources they need to increase sales and maximize profits.”

Triton’s new worldwide distributor network allows local builders, contractors and equipment dealers to purchase direct from the manufacturer without going through “middle men.” Unlike other generator manufacturers, Triton Power maintains a full supply of inventory at all times, ensuring immediate delivery. In-network distributors can leverage Triton’s new distributor program to obtain sales assistance, receive additional marketing co-op funds, generate local brand awareness and drive leads for possible sales.

Triton Power is the largest independent commercial generator distributor in North and South America, serving generator resellers, electrical contractors and builders, according to the company. It has a full stock of industrial generator sets built with components from brands such as Cummins and John Deere, as well as GE and Thompson transfer switches, fuel tanks, trailers and a full line of accessories for all power needs, available for immediate shipment.

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