RMI Implements Online Training for Advantage Customers

RMI Corp. this week announced that its new Live & Online Jumpstart training classes will begin in April. The move to online training is designed to increase customer productivity and decrease costs.

The company plans for all Advantage training to be done using this online format. Just like the Jumpstart sessions that formerly took place at RMI headquarters in Avon, Conn., these online training sessions are included with enrollment in Advantage and provide a “bootcamp-style” overview of the system.

“Our recent decision to move Jumpstart training online is designed to better meet the needs of our customers,” said Lauren Dorman, vice president of product development. “This move, like our shift to the cloud last year, allows users the freedom to connect/attend classes from anywhere, which will increase customer productivity, decrease costs and keep workers on the job during training. Customers will now be able to balance their responsibilities while learning how Advantage will increase their efficiency. Online classes enable businesses to operate with their full staff and allow users to continue training.”

With Jumpstart Live & Online all Advantage users can attend as many sessions as they require without the organization incurring any additional costs. Users can complete their training prep work whenever it is convenient for them, then tune into the live training session ready to continue learning and ask questions. Users will have the option to attend all sessions relevant to their job in a condensed timeframe or spread their attendance over time.

RMI Corp. is a provider of enterprise rental, sales and service solutions for mid-market companies. RMI is fully dedicated to the equipment rental, sales and service industry and offers an industry standard solution including software, implementation, training, consultation and support to help its clients maximize efficiencies and reach their full business potential. For more information, visit

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