Qualcomm Integrates With Wynne, SmartEquip

SAN DIEGO — Qualcomm, one the industry's leading providers of business-to-business wireless solutions recently announced that its GlobalTRACS equipment management solutions will be integrated seamlessly with Wynne Systems' RentalMan application suite and SmartEquip's e-FleetPro construction equipment lifecycle management applications. The combined integration can significantly improve asset utilization, operational efficiency and reduce operational costs for equipment rental businesses.

Wynne Systems specializes in equipment rental software and SmartEquip provides integrated support solutions for fleet utilization, and service and parts management.

The three-way integration will further benefit customers by improving how the data of preventive maintenance, telematics, billing and other business information work together to reduce manual data entry and increase automation, allowing businesses to focus on extracting the most critical and actionable business information when needed.

“Integrating these three technologies increases the uptime, reliability and profitability of my fleet and opens new doors for how I can manage and grow my business,” said Woody Weld, president of Phoenix-based Acme Lift Co. “Integrating GlobalTRACS, RentalMan and e-FleetPro will help me improve customer service, increase productivity and trim operating costs even more than these great tools can when used separately.”

Qualcomm's GlobalTRACS equipment management system is an end-to-end wireless solution that collects and sends rental equipment engine hours, monitoring for critical systems' health and location information.

Qualcomm also announced that Kohler Rental Power is the first portable generator rental company to outfit its entire fleet with GlobalTRACS. Kohler Rental Power is a full-service supplier of standby and prime power for industrial, construction, commercial and event markets, as well as a provider of emergency services and disaster support. Kohler Rental Power is a division of Kohler Co.

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