Qualcomm Announces Strategic Alliance with SmartEquip

SAN DIEGO — Qualcomm Inc. last month announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with SmartEquip, a provider of integrated aftermarket parts, service and support systems connecting major manufacturers of complex equipment and their users. The companies will integrate Qualcomm's GlobalTRACS equipment management solution with SmartEquip's e-FleetPro construction equipment lifecycle management applications.

“Qualcomm is pleased to be SmartEquip's preferred provider for telematics solutions,” said Larry Cleary, senior director and general manager for Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions. “Qualcomm has repeatedly sought and identified ‘best-of-breed’ solutions and moved quickly to create and leverage alliances to drive value for our customers. With GlobalTRACS, SmartEquip's e-FleetPro significantly extends the overall value proposition for equipment rental companies, contractors and equipment manufacturers.”

By offering a fully integrated solution that provides fleet managers with both the telematics and equipment relationship management solutions, managers are able to experience efficiency improvements across a fleet's entire lifecycle through transactional, operational and fleet-utilization improvements. This translates directly into cost savings and higher profits for fleet owners and the equipment manufacturers that supply them.

Qualcomm's GlobalTRACS solution provides fleet managers the capability to collect, transmit and manage equipment operating status and location data on demand or at user-specified intervals. SmartEquip's e-FleetPro maintains equipment information and can create asset-specific work and parts orders to manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance triggered by information supplied by GlobalTRACS. The combination delivers a multiplier effect to rental, contractor and distributor software providers, enhancing a fleet owner's ability to maintain continuous and accurate pictures of individual machines and overall fleet productivity.

“Qualcomm is a natural choice for SmartEquip as a strategic telematics partner because of GlobalTRACS' record for reliability, portfolio of features, software integration and industry leadership,” said Alexander Schuessler, president and CEO for SmartEquip. “GlobalTRACS and e-FleetPro together provide manufacturers and fleet owners a seamless mechanism for managing the total cost of ownership for complex equipment.”

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