Honda Engines Announces 3-Year Warranty on GX Series

Honda Engines said today it will initiate three-year coverage for many of its GX Series engines. Effective Jan. 1, the three-year warranty will apply to select GX, GXV and V-Twin engines used for consumer, commercial and rental applications. The warranty replaces the existing two-year coverage currently offered by Honda on the GX general purpose engines.

The covered engines include the GX100 to GX440i engines, the GXV200 to GXV 390 engines, and all V-Twin engines.

Honda produces and markets nearly 22 million units globally for automotive, motorcycle, marine and power equipment products. Honda engines supply power for more than 3,000 different product applications including pressure washers, lawnmowers, rescue and construction equipment.

In January 2007, Honda Engines began certifying its models to the new, lower CARB 2007 and existing EPA Phase 2 emission requirements by offering 50 state compliant engines only. New Honda overall emission levels will be reduced by more than 32 percent.

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