EDCO Air Tool Featured on DIY Network’s “Cool Tools” Program

EDCO Air Tool Featured on DIY Network’s “Cool Tools” Program

EDCO’s air-powered chisel scaler, The Big Stick, was recently featured on DIY Network’s “Cool Tools” program. EDCO was contacted by DIY Network who found The Big Stick to be productive and have a “cool name.” After filming, EDCO says the unit was donated to charity.

Using rapid hammering action and multiple accessories, EDCO chisel scalers are designed to quickly remove many kinds of flooring and ceiling material including tile, grout, fiberglass, roofing shingles and linoleum. These tools drastically reduce the need for users to work on their hands and knees. The Big Stick, the company’s most powerful air-powered chisel scaler model, is suited for industrial jobs like removing heavy floor coverings and concrete slabs.

To watch The Big Stick on “Cool Tools,” visit
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