CNH Capital Initiates Upgrade to Point of Sale Technology

CNH Capital, the financial services business of CNH Global N.V., is in the process of implementing an upgrade to its dealer revolving account service offering.

The dealer service offering upgrade is enabled by FreeWay from FreedomPay, a Software as a Service payment and transaction gateway that joins all areas of payment and transaction processes into a single interface and reporting system. The POS technology enhances the servicing of existing investments in Dealer Management Systems. FreeWay integrates with Dealer Management Systems currently being used by many of CNH North America’s dealers.

By implementing this technology, CNH dealers will have real-time ability to access a variety of promotions for their customers, and insight into optional customized programs, also accessible at the point of purchase.

“This upgrade represents a significant advancement to the CNH Capital Commercial Revolving Account product line,” said Trysha Stiffler, CNH Capital division manager. “We are now able to provide additional benefits to both dealers and customers through the use of a state-of-the-art sales tool accessible online or at the point of sale, all while bringing a high level of data security to our dealers. This initiative represents the implementation of an easy-to-deploy solution yielding benefits to both our dealers and their customers.”

FreeWay is certified for use with CNH's most widely used Dealer Management Systems.

Headquartered in Racine, Wis., CNH Capital, the financial services business of CNH Global N.V, provides a comprehensive range of services, including wholesale and retail financing, leasing, insurance, asset management, and revolving lines of credit for the global marketplace.

FreedomPay offers end-to-end payment and transaction solutions ranging from POS hardware, service kiosks, virtual and remote terminals, payment processing, intelligent analysis, routing of promotions, incentives, and customer relationship management services. For more information, visit

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