Buhler to Divest B56 Wheel Loader

Buhler Industries is divesting its line of articulated wheel loaders and accessories, the company said last week. The company is actively soliciting proposals for the purchase of the Buhler B56 line, including several completed units, parts, tooling and accessories.

“We reviewed the core areas of our business and made some tough decisions,” said Maxim Loktionov, Buhler vice president. “At present, we are focusing specifically on the global agriculture market and are allocating our resources with that in mind. As a result, we’ve decided to explore other options for the B56 product line.”

Included in the proposal are nine complete B56 units, several attachments, component parts, service parts and tooling. The acquirer will also receive intellectual properties such as bills of materials and dealer and vendor listings.

Buhler is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Information about the company and its proposal is available at

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