Bosch Accessories Introduces "Joe the Pro"

Bosch Accessories Introduces "Joe the Pro"

Bosch Accessories recently introduced its “Joe the Pro” spokesman to promote its message that better accessories mean better results.

“A poor bit or blade can ruin the performance of even the best tool, and a great bit or blade can improve the performance of an average tool,” the company said, and that is the key message veteran tradesman Joe Sainz will communicate to fellow tradesmen, dealers, DIYers and others this summer when he takes on the persona of “Joe the Pro” and begins traveling to jobsites, power tools dealerships and events all over the United States.

The Joe the Pro moniker reflects his status as a construction specialist. Sainz has built homes, worked as a remodeler and finish carpenter. He is a union carpenter and holds a certificate in electrical mechanics. An avid woodworker, Sainz restores antique hand tools in his spare time.

“I’ve fallen into the trap of buying the cheaper accessory many times, but there’s always a price to pay — the poorly made accessory either fails in the middle of a job or doesn’t last long enough to keep you out of the tool store and on the jobsite,” Sainz said. “It’s just not worth it, especially when there are innovative companies like Bosch producing accessories that work faster, last longer and keep the user on the job and making money.”

Sponsored by Bosch Accessories, the Joe the Pro program is a multi-faceted effort to teach people nationwide that power tool accessories are not simply commodity items, they are critical to success on the jobsite.

The Joe the Pro tour begins with the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta in August. Joe the Pro will also attend the 2010 STAFDA Convention this November in Phoenix. In between, Sainz will attend dealer events and visit jobsites sharing stories, handing out product samples, and demonstrating new techniques.

Users can follow Joe’s travels at

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is a division of Robert Bosch Tool Corp.

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