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Product of the Week - Trimble FieldMaster Logs

Product of the Week - Trimble FieldMaster Logs

Trimble FieldMaster Logs help fleets to comply with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and document pre-and-post-trip vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) using electronic logging. From an in-cab display, drivers can easily enter and submit daily hours of service. Real-time alerts warn when a driver is in danger of violating laws.

FieldMaster Navigation, an additional module for in-cab, truck specific routing and navigation allows dispatchers and drivers to take into effect the size, weight, and cargo of their vehicles vs. street restrictions, bridge clearances, and turn radiuses, thus calculating the most reliable route.

Tap and Go Login capability allows drivers to log in to the in-cab table with just a tap of a keychain, sticker, or ID card.

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