Generac RV Generator Powers Big Green Energy Bus on Nationwide Tour

The Veggie Van Organization has begun a statewide tour to educate and motivate people to get involved in all aspects of the new green economy and alter society’s understanding of, and accountability for, the earth’s natural resources. In an effort to reach out to individuals and students, the Veggie Van Organization’s flagship vehicle, the Big Green Energy Bus, with the help of Generac Power Systems, will travel to classrooms sharing information on energy and water efficiency, fuel alternatives and numerous eco-initiatives.

In 1997, the Big Green Energy Bus was the first vehicle to cross the U.S. running only on biodiesel fuel made from vegetable oil. Today, the bus features innovative green technology such as solar panels and a biodiesel generator. The Quietpact 85D generator, donated by Generac Power Systems, runs on cost-effective, highly efficient biodiesel fuel (as opposed to diesel fuel) made from animal fat, used restaurant grease and waste product from soybean processing. Biodiesel fuel enables the Big Green Energy Bus to travel to educate individuals on green initiatives such as how algae and sewage can be transferred into fuel, how sewage can be made into safe drinking water, how to make biodiesel and the first steps toward composting waste products.

The Veggie Van Organization strives to educate all people, particularly middle and high school students, about sustainable energy and provide them with appropriate pathways for integrating sustainable energy into homes, schools, communities, cities, states and ultimately nations.

The Veggie Van Organization and Fuel tour is currently underway and will continue to hit major cities across the United States until November:
• Washington D.C. 10.6.09
• Chicago 10.8.09 - 10.11.09
• Madison, Wis. 10.9.09
• Columbus, Ohio 10.17.09
• Raleigh, N.C. 10.20.09
• Tallahassee, Fla. 10.23.09
• Jacksonville, Fla. 10.26.09
• Miami 10.30.09
• Tampa, Fla. 11.2.09

Waukesha, Wis.-based Generac Power Systems produces portable and standby generators, automatic transfer switches, modular paralleling systems, and small engines for recreational vehicle, residential, and commercial applications. Generac’s power systems range in output from 2 to 9,000 kW.

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