Quiet design portable generator

Quiet design portable generator

Honda Power Equipment introduces its all-new EU3000i Handi to its Honda Super Quiet Series of portable generators. The new EU3000i Handi adds increased portability to the fuel efficiency and reliability of Honda’s existing EU3000i generator. The Handi is 45-percent lighter with a dry weight of 77.6 pounds, which is a significant reduction in weight for a unit producing the same power output — 3,000 watts.

In an all-new design for Honda, the EU3000i Handi features built-in wheels, two fixed handles and a folding handle to allow for easy movement of the generator. When one person uses the foldable handle to wheel the generator, its total towing weight is 17.6 pounds, making it manageable for anyone.

“The all-new EU3000i Handi offers our customers more of what they have come to value in all of Honda’s portable generators — durability, ease of operation and fuel efficiency,” says Steve Bailey, Honda Power Equipment vice president. “In today’s unusual economic environment, consumers want products that serve multiple purposes in their busy lives, and the EU3000i Handi meets those needs.”

In addition, the EU3000i Handi is engineered with Eco-Throttle technology and a high-efficiency inverter design, resulting in very low fuel consumption for a generator of its power output. The Handi can operate on one tank of fuel for more than 4 hours, saving owners time and money.

The Honda GX160 engine provides an economical, quiet and efficient power plant to complement the generator’s technology and advanced design, producing just 56 to 65 dB of sound while in operation.

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