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Drain-cleaning cable

Drain-cleaning cable

The Easy Rooter from General Pipe Cleaners features a redesigned frame with a built-in brake that holds the machine securely on the job or in a customer’s care going to and from the jobsite. The Easy Rooter is capable of clearing 3- to 10-inch drain lines clogged with roots and other severe stoppages. The cage holds 100 feet of ¾- or 5/8-inch Flexicore cable. Other features include roller bearings in the zinc-plated steel cage for longer life and greater motor efficiency, 10-inch ball bearing wheels, and a 1/3-hp motor with capacitor, thermal overload protection and reverse switch. The folding handle and 10-inch heavy-duty wheels make it easier to get to and from the job. Roll bars protect the motor as the machine is lifted in and out of the trunk of a car. The machine includes a wide variety of cables, cutters and accessories. An air-actuated foot pedal, ground fault circuit interrupter and safety slip clutch are all standard safety features.

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