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What Else is New?

Every month, dozens of new products are introduced by manufacturers serving the rental industry. Here is a look at some of the latest offerings.

The new STM55LP trailer-mounted forklift from Sellick Equipment is a low profile, three-wheel-drive loader designed with good visibility and a roomy operator platform. The STM55LP weighs 5,500 pounds and is easy to operate.
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The new Equipment360 equipment maintenance software program from HCSS is developed to enable construction companies to manage their entire maintenance operation, thus lowering costs and increasing utilization of each piece of equipment. Equipment360 tracks equipment maintenance schedules for trucks, bulldozers, scrapers and other equipment, which helps the company perform timely maintenance that reduces downtime, lowers fuel consumption, avoids costly jobsite repairs and enhances equipment resale value.
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Kuhns Power Equipment introduces its new Power Dog 926 weed and brush mower, which features hydro drive that allows variable speed as well as instant forward/reverse movement. Other features include a heavy-duty revolving deck that revolves on a ball bearing and an industry common electronic clutch blade engagement.
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Baldor Electric announces a new 30-foot light tower kit designed to be portable and easy to assemble. The light tower kit is available for use with the company's TS35T towable generator and assembly takes about two hours, the company says. The kit provides 5 to 7 acres of quality light for applications in various industries including construction, oil, gas and water drilling, agriculture, landscaping, road repair and mining.
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The 50105 boom truck from Elliott Equipment features a 50-ton capacity with 105 feet of powered main boom and a 115-foot tip height. A tractor-mount configuration is available, as is a 360-degree chart without front stabilizers. The unit also features FrictionFree jib extension for easy jib deployment and stowage; a load movement indicator system for safe boom operation; and a variety of jib lengths, platforms and accessories.
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The VR-18 reversible plate compactor from Vibco Vibrators is designed for landscape and site preparation projects and is part of VIBCO's extensive line of plate compactors and vibratory rollers. The VR-18 is designed for effortless movement and to transition seamlessly into reverse. It is well suited for landscape and site preparation projects.
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The SW880 high-frequency vibratory asphalt roller from Sakai America offers a drum width of 79 inches and 4,000 vpm, allowing for 10 to 12 impacts per foot at 4.55 mph. According to the company, the counter-rotating weight design helps achieve density at fast speeds. The front drum eccentric weights rotate clockwise while the rear drum weights rotate counterclockwise or vice versa depending on amplitude.
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Two new models of front-mounted snowblower implements are now available for Bobcat Co. compact tractor models CT120 to CT235. The snowblowers are designed for homeowners with acreage, landscapers, or buildings and ground maintenance specialists. The discharge chute on the snowblower rotates hydraulically, so the operator can easily redirect snow as needed.
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