Backhoes & attachments

Jan. 1, 2009
Terex The Terex TX760B tractor loader backhoe is designed for applications requiring the versatility of a wheel loader and the functionality of an excavator.


The Terex TX760B tractor loader backhoe is designed for applications requiring the versatility of a wheel loader and the functionality of an excavator. Weighing in at 15,151 pounds, the TX760B offers a maximum digging depth of 19 feet, 3 inches, and a standard capacity of 7,604 pounds. The 86-hp Perkins engine and powershift transmission provide clutch-less operation. This machine comes standard with a front counterweight for improved fore and aft stability. The stabilizer legs feature lock-out valves in the circuit so they remain down during operation, providing better stability when operators are working 90 degrees on the side of the machine.
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TurfEx, a division of TrynEx, introduces its line of bulk material spreaders. Designed to mount on tractors, utility vehicles or pickup trucks, the units are equipped with an auger for feed and control of bulk material, including fertilizer, compost, pelletized lime, topdressing and other granular products. The units are available in two models: the MS-1875, which features a 9-cubic-foot capacity hopper with a 3-point style mount, and the MS-2000, which features an 11 cubic-foot capacity hopper and mounts to the bed of pickups and utility vehicles. Spread width is adjustable up to 30 feet.
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Atlas Copco Construction Tools

Weighing in at 10 metric tons, the HB 10000 from Atlas Copco delivers 50-percent more impact energy than the company's HB 7000. The breaker is designed for heavy excavating and trenching projects, as well as for demolition of large concrete structures. Accepting hydraulic flow of 119 to 140 gpm at operating pressures of 2,320 to 2,610 psi, the HB 10000 delivers an impact rate of up to 380 bpm. The unit is suitable for carriers in the 85 to 140 metric ton weight class.
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Allmand Bros.

The Allmand TLB-325 heavy-duty compact tractor loader backhoe is powered by a 25-hp Kohler gasoline engine. The 4,045-pound TLB-235 features an industrial-class backhoe, which offers a 4,611-pound digging force as well as an 8-foot, 10-inch digging depth. Dual cylinder, 180-degree hydraulic cushioned swing allows precise work in tight areas, while joystick control and an elevated seating position are designed to provide a large backhoe feel. Allmand's ESL backhoe design reduces friction and extends service intervals by eliminating metal to metal contact, retaining grease levels and keeping out debris.
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The 450E backhoe loader from Caterpillar is in the 17-foot dig depth class and is the largest backhoe loader in the Caterpillar line. The 450E has 124 net hp and a backhoe digging depth of 17 feet, 3 inches when equipped with a standard stick. The new extendible stick pushes the 450E digging depth to 21 feet 4 inches. The general purpose loader bucket has a 1.75-cubic-yard capacity. The ride control technology feature is designed to improve operator comfort at all speeds and to reduce spillage when the bucket is full. Thumb-ready sticks allow easy thumb installation for handling irregularly shaped objects with the backhoe.
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New Holland

New Holland introduces the B Series loader backhoes that include six models boasting a number of enhancements including curved boom and a flip-up hood. The curved boom lowers the transport height by 6 inches and allows for increased digging forces and digging depths. The easy-to-open, one-touch flip-up hood provides convenient serviceability as all daily maintenance check-points are accessible at ground level. The narrow backhoe boom design adds optimal visibility and a bucket breakout force of up to 15,212 pounds. The units also feature optional pilot control pillars that adjust to accommodate any size operator for optimum comfort and productivity.
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Komatsu America Corp. introduces the WB146-5 (pictured) and the WB146PS-5 backhoe loaders with Tier 2 engines. Both machines have an operating weight range of 16,090 pounds. The WB146-5 is powered by a turbocharged Komatsu engine with a flywheel horsepower of 88 hp to drive Komatsu's HydrauMind hydraulic system, which is designed to deliver power and precision. The drivetrain includes a four-speed synchro-shuttle transmission with standard four-wheel drive for improved traction in soft soil applications. The new “S”-shaped backhoe boom combined with a telescopic arm gives the unit digging depths of up to 18 feet, 4 inches.
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General Equipment

General Equipment's Model 471 Dig-R-Tach hydraulically powered earth drilling attachment system is designed for use with lower-auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates found on compact loader backhoes. The system features a universal mounting bracket that readily conforms to a wide variety of loader bucket configurations. Featuring a 2-inch hexagon auger drive connection, the 471 Dig-R-Tach is able to accommodate existing augers and can use the same 4400 Series earth augers that are used with the General Equipment 310 and 330 Series portable hole diggers. Augers are available from 2- to 24-inch diameters.
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Volvo Construction Equipment

The BL60 from Volvo Construction Equipment features an 83-hp turbocharged engine and flow-sharing hydraulics with a fixed displacement gear pump. The backhoe is available with mechanical controls, powershuttle transmission, two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and cab or canopy designs. The BL60 is designed for applications including digging, backfilling, grading, craning, loading and unloading. The unit can also be outfitted with various attachments to perform material handling, dozing, demolition and forestry applications.
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AIM Attachments

AIM Attachments manufactures a complete line of bucket forks for backhoes and wheel loaders of various sizes. The buckets feature durable and fully forged tines with a 3-to-1 safety factor, as well as tines that are adjustable and able to fit various widths of material. An 84-inch shaft is included that is 2 inches in diameter and made of 1144 stress-proof steel alloy. The bucket forks are available in 10 different sizes.
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The Brushcat rotary cutter attachment from Bobcat is designed to mulch small branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter, as well as cut through thick grass and brush. Its rugged ¼-inch-thick steel deck design provides strength for tough clearing jobs. Capable of operating in both forward and reverse, this attachment offers optimum performance because its flotation linkage allows the deck to float over ground contours and stay in contrast with the surface. The attachment is available in 60- and 72-inch cutting widths.
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Kubota introduces the M59 tractor loader backhoe, which offers a 12-foot digging depth, bucket digging force of more than 7,600 pounds and dipper digging force of 4,731 pounds. High-capacity hydraulic pumps allow for smooth and efficient management with materials including stone, gravel, sand, silt or clay. The M59 offers convenience with a quick-mount attach/detatch system for easy backhoe removal and enclosed hydraulic hoses for improved visibility and an overall cleaner design.
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Allied Construction Products

Allied Construction Products introduces the Model AR 85B to its AR Series hydraulic impact hammer attachment product line. The AR 85B is a 1,185-pound hammer that mounts quickly on a 14,000- to 25,000-pound loader/backhoe. The unit requires 13 to 27 gpm at 1,400 to 1,750 psi and it breaks at a rate of 500 to 750 blows per minute. The AR Series hammers are available in 11 models.
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The Toro Co.

The Toro backhoe attachment, for use with Dingo compact utility loaders is designed for digging, loading, trenching backfilling and demolition applications. It comes standard with a 13-inch-wide bucket and features a maximum digging depth of 82 inches and a 78-inch, 2-foot, flat-bottom digging depth. The unit also offers a 71-inch loading height and 113-inch loading reach from the wing pivot. The backhoe folds up to 34.5 inches wide adding ease to transportation and accessing confined spaces.
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JCB's 4CX-17ft backhoe loader features 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer for maneuverability. The company's Powershift transmission provides convenience and three steering modes designed to offer maximum flexibility for varying job conditions. The 4CX-17ft comes with a choice of deluxe ROPS/FOPS quiet cab or open canopy with ergonomically placed controls and instruments. The cab includes an adjustable-tilt steering column and improved ventilation. The backhoe includes large-capacity buckets with a parallel lift system and an optional tool carrier quick-attach system for front-mounted attachments. The hydraulic speed control allows the operator to divert power and speed as needed.
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John Deere

The John Deere 710J backhoe loader provides a digging depth of up to 22 feet, 4 inches, when extended. The PowerTech E 6068 Tier-3 engine comes standard on the 710J backhoes and provides an increase in horsepower and the same heavy-duty six-cylinder torque as on the previous Tier-2 710Js. The new 710 features a net horsepower of 126 hp. The high-pressure common rail fuel system provides high injection, pressures, variable timing and precise control of fuel injection. In addition, exterior upgrades to the unit include a new extended grill frame that comes standard and a side louver that improves airflow to the engine.
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Case Construction Equipment

Case Construction introduces the M Series 3 line of loader backhoes, which includes the 580M, 580 Super M, 580 Super M+, 590 Super M and 590 Super M+. These five models range in net horsepower from 79 to 109 with dig depths from 14 feet, 3 inches, on the standard backhoe to 20 feet, 4 inches, with the Extendahoe. All M Series 3 models feature Case Family IV engines with Tier-3 certification, as well as improved performance and serviceability. The units are also available with one-touch idle built into the pilot controls, allowing the operator to return the engine to idle at the touch of a button.
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