System Protects Power Tools from Theft

Hilti introduces a theft deterrent system to help companies protect valuable tool assets. The easy-to-use theft protection system is designed to put tool owners and users in control and can be customized to suit various needs. Also, because the system helps prevent missing tools, it can reduce insurance and replacement costs and increase productivity.

“We developed this system because our customers have told us — about 90 percent of them — that they have experienced the theft of power tools,” says Dave Crawford, product manager of power tools for Hilti.

The system consists of a company card, activation key and electronic module inside the tool. A company-specific theft protection code is set initially in each tool using the company card. Authorized users receive an activation key that is needed to electrically unlock the tools. For everyday tool use, users connect the tool to the power supply, hold the key to the tool and go to work. Twenty minutes after being unplugged the tool will lock and cannot be restarted without the activation key.

“If a tool gets stolen, it will become useless to the person who took it,” Crawford says.

The protected tool has an identification tag that shows the product contains a theft deterrent system. For additional tool protection, the system works with the Hilti serial number tracking system. At the time of purchase, the tool's serial number can be linked to the authorized users' account information. This tracking allows tool owners to report stolen tools to authorities so notification can be sent if the tool reappears in a Hilti Repair Center.

Verified by Dave Crawford, product manager of power tools for Hilti.
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Protects: Power tools
Activation key: Unlocks tool for use

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