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The Husqvarna K960 saw features DualCharge engine technology designed to provide power, low emissions and improved fuel economy. The K960 features a 6.1-hp engine and can cut up to 6 inches deep with a 16-inch blade, the maker says. The saw also features Active Air Filtration, which increases life of the filters by three to five times, and the SmartCarb feature ensures that high power is retained. A larger front handle provides a more comfortable grip for easier operation. The saw also has built-in modules with a vibration damping system.
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Ideal introduces the Resi-Master line of ship augers, precision-machined to provide faster drilling action with fewer jams, according to the manufacturer. Available in lengths of 7½ and 18 inches, the augers are designed for homebuilders, electricians and construction contractors. The auger is constructed from high-quality steel, and its hardened lead screw and cutting edge are designed to reduce re-sharpening in soft or hard woods, heavy green wood and treated wood. The augers have a 62-degree cutting angle that provides reinforcement for the cutting edge, reducing wear while providing smooth and accurate drilling action.
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FCI introduces the Patriot in-line hydraulic crimping tool, which incorporates a high-speed hydraulic pump generating 6 tons of crimping force. The battery-actuated hydraulic crimper is designed to provide a consistent, reliable connection on a range of copper and aluminum terminals and splices, overhead taps, full-tension splices and deadends. Its high-capacity Ni-MH battery eliminates voltage depression, maximizing the number of crimps per charge. The Patriot in-line tool features a 350-degree rotatable head for operation in virtually any position.
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DeWalt introduces the heavy-duty pavement breaker D25980K, designed for plumbers, waterproofers, demolition crews and public utilities workers to break up concrete and asphalt on the jobsite. The breaker is equipped with metal and automotive-style seals on the ram and piston, which help to prevent dust and debris from entering the unit. The D25980K features an electronic control system that provides the unit with a controlled start and constant speed under load. The soft-start system allows the breaker to begin breaking as soon as the tool comes into contact with concrete by preventing the unit from ‘walking.’
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Bosch Power Tools introduces two Lithium 36-volt flexible power system compatible tools: the 38636 Brute-Tough ½-inch drill/driver and 18636 Brute-Tough ½-inch hammer drill/driver. The 38636 features 600 inch-pounds of torque and a 2-speed motor. For professionals needing to drill into masonry and light concrete in addition to basic drilling applications, the 18636 36-volt FPS hammer drill/driver features a 2-speed motor, plus up to 18,000 beats per minute and 600 inch-pounds of torque. Both are designed to survive numerous 10-foot drops onto concrete through the Dura-Shield exterior housing, which is composed of a shock-absorbing and flexible ABS/nylon blend.
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The SF 181-A (pictured) and SFH 181-A cordless drill/drivers from Hilti provide reliability and speed designed for driving screws and drilling into masonry wood and metal with masonry bits, spade bits, multi-spur bits, hole saws and high-speed steel jobber bits. Delivering 690 inch-pounds of torque, the SFH 181-A drills into brick, masonry and concrete with 36,000 blows per minute. Its high-performance motor and efficient three-speed gearing provides up to 2,000 rpm. Almost identical in design, the SF 181-A also offers a torque of up to 690 inch-pounds and, with its adjustable side handle, is suited for numerous applications.
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Hitachi Power Tools introduces the WH18DL impact driver (pictured) and the WR18DL impact wrench, the newest additions to the 18-volt lithium ion cordless line. Powered by HXP batteries from Hitachi, the Lithium Ion technology generates three times the battery life of standard NiCd batteries, the company says. The WH18DL cordless impact driver offers 1,330 inch-pounds of torque, while the WR18DL impact wrench produces 1,950 inch-pounds of turning and tightening torque. Both driver and wrench feature Hitachi's two-step speed switch that gives the user the ability to select Power Mode (up to 2,600 rpm) for full-speed applications or Save Mode (up to 2,000 rpm).
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Milwaukee Electric Tool

Milwaukee Electric Tool introduces the V18 system of lithium-ion powered cordless tools and batteries. The hammer driver-drill features 550 inch-pounds of torque for drilling larger holes and driving larger screws faster. A compact, lightweight 18-volt lithium-ion battery delivers increased runtime and fade-free power. The clutch bypass provides quick shifts between drill, driver and hammer modes while maintaining clutch position. The V18 batteries are compatible with older Milwaukee 18-volt tools.
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Makita introduces the Magnesium series of saws — the 7¼-inch hypoid saw (model 5377MG), the 7¼-inch circular saw with LED light (model 5007MG), and 7¼-inch circular saw with LED light and electric brake (model 6007MGA). All three saws feature durable magnesium components and a 15-amp Makita-built industrial motor. In addition to the magnesium components, the saws are built with other durability features, including a reinforced power cord and easily replaceable parts for lower repair costs. Makita also engineered ergonomics and ease-of-use into each saw, including visible depth and bevel markings and ergonomic handgrips to improve overall control while minimizing operator fatigue. The large rubberized levers provide quick, one-handed adjustments for more efficient work.
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