Pocket-Size Tool Produces Big Power and Productivity

Pocket-Size Tool Produces Big Power and Productivity

The 10.8V Litheon Impactor fastening driver from Bosch Power Tools and Accessories weighs in at 2.2 pounds and delivers 60-percent more torque than an 18-volt drill/driver, the company says.

The Impactor can fit in a tool belt pouch or pocket and measures 6 inches tall by 6½ inches long. A Bosch motor and all-metal gears produce 1,800 rpm and 3,000 bpm, and turn the powerful hammer and anvil system to deliver 800 inch-pounds of torque.

Additional features include a bright LED work light specially positioned in the nose of the tool to light up the work area. A hex quick-change chuck allows for instant changes from drill to driver bits. A variable-speed trigger offers control over speed for varying applications, while the tool's ergonomic design, which includes soft-grip, adds to user comfort over long periods of time.

“Bosch's new 10.8V Impactor is up to 50-percent lighter than a standard 18-volt impact driver, but still delivers 60-percent more torque,” says Edwin Bender, cordless group product manager for Bosch. “Add that to a quick-change chuck, a speedy 30-minute charge time and a sensitive variable-speed trigger, and you're talking about enhanced comfort, increased speed and better results for the user.”

Verified by Edwin Bender, cordless group product manager for Bosch Power Tools and Accessories.
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Weight: 2.2 pounds

Torque: 800 inch-pounds

Length: 6½ inches

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