Electric Hacksaw Cuts Into Tough Jobs

The portable electric hacksaw by CS Unitec is designed to have the power and durability to stand up to the most demanding cutting applications. This hacksaw, Model 5 1215 0070, has a stroke of 23/8 inches and variable speed control of 100 to 350 strokes per minute. It can be used for fast on-site cutting of pipe, structural steel or tanks, including pipe repair and demolition applications.

Weighing 13 pounds, this portable electric saw is easy to handle and operate. The compact design allows for use in confined spaces. It can be used manually or with a variety of clamps for pipes or profiles. Cutting with a clamp provides five times more leverage than freehand cutting. The clamps and heavy-duty saw blades ensure 90-degree cutting up to 24 inches diameter in one pass.

In sizes ranging from 8 inches to 37 inches long, the heavy-duty saw blades are available in HSS (M2) for cutting carbon, steel and plastic and HSS-SL with a special alloy for cutting stainless steel and hard metals. A saw blade guide is available to hold the blade straight, ensuring a right angle cut.

“The blades are thicker than ordinary reciprocating saw blades,” says Tom Carroll, president of CS Unitec. “Blades don't bend or walk down the pipe; the clamp holds it steady.”

Verified by Tom Carroll, president of CS Unitec.

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Weight: 13 pounds
Saw blade length: 8 to 37 inches
Strokes per minute: 100 to 350

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