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Edger Provides Oscillating Blade Action

Featuring a dependable Honda 4-hp engine, a new heavy-duty arm and large sealed bearings, Turfco's new Edge-R-Rite II bed edger provides operators increased durability and easier maintenance.

The product eliminates unnecessary shovel and spade work when edging sidewalks, curbs, driveways and bunkers and other landscape projects. The edger uses oscillating blade action, and the blade cuts without throwing the debris, allowing for easier clean up in bunkers and making it safer to use in high traffic areas. Built on a solid steel frame, the edger has a self-propelled drive and convenient lever for easy adjustment of depth levels.

In addition to being durable, the product is versatile because of the number of blade options, which include a standard right angle blade for bunker edging and flower bed work, a 30-degree angle blade for quick creation of tree and shrub rings, standard circular blade for vertical cuts along patios or driveways, v-trencher blade for cutting drainage ways along hard surface areas and 3-inch sod cutter blade for installing edging or underground wiring.

“The features on this edger give users the opportunity to eliminate hours of manual labor while creating a professional look,” says Bob Brophy, sales manager of lawn care products. “The Edge-R-Rite II's cutting blade makes it one of the safest edgers to operate with the least amount of clean-up afterwards.”

Verified by Bob Brophy, sales manager.
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Engine: Honda 4-hp
Blade: Oscillating action
Frame: Solid steel

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