Compact Diamond Wire Saw Cuts Concrete

Sanders Saws, a division of Multiquip Inc., unveils its Diamond Wire Saw designed for remodeling, restoration and demolition applications.

The compact, hydraulic DSM-10A saw from Hakken can be attached to a variety of concrete structures or anchored to the floor. The unit is available in North America and operates at 3,000 psi.

“The saw is ideally suited for light- to medium-duty jobs where the larger saws are too cumbersome,” says Romey Messina, vice president of manufacturing for Sanders Saws. “The adjustable electric feed system is unique to this model saw and permits a quicker response to the wire load while at the same time extending the diamond wire's life.”

Individual saw components weigh less than 55 pounds, allowing operators to position the saw easily. The DSM-10A is designed for concrete removal and repair while installing doors and windows, and on anchor mounts in factories and warehouses. The saw, which weighs 330 pounds when fully assembled, comes standard with a control system for the electrical feed system, electrical connecting cable, a ratchet wrench and single-ended spanner. Available accessories include a safety panel and stand, add-on pulley and idler pulley.

For operator safety, a built-in side block feed assembly brake automatically activates if the power shuts down.

Verified by Romey Messina, Sanders Saws vice president of manufacturing.
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Weight: 330 pounds, fully assembled
Component weight: 55 pounds or less
Operation: 3,000 psi, flow rate is 13 gallons/minute

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