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Combination Tool Kit Allows Flexibility

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation launches the “Build Your Own Combo 18-Volt System.” The system allows contractors the flexibility to make their combination kit as large as they want it. Contractors have a choice of a two-, three- or four-tool kit, or larger.

Contractors start with the base kit, which includes two premium 18-volt battery packs, a charger and contractor bag. They then select the tools that fit their needs, choosing from any of the 12 different 18-volt cordless Milwaukee tools. Tools to choose from include a rotary hammer, metal cutting circular saw, right angle drill, impact wrench, and metal cutting circular saw, among others. For contractors unsure of which combo is best, Milwaukee offers suggested combinations for electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, utilities contractors and demolition contractors.

This system allows the tradesman the freedom of adding tools to their 18-Volt system without the unnecessary cost of extra chargers and batteries normally included in individual tool kits.

Michael Kirby, market analyst for Milwaukee Electric Tool, compares the base kit to the bread in a sandwich — contractors start there and add whatever else they need to complete it. “There's always that extra tool that doesn't come in a kit,” Kirby says. “This allows them to customize and tailor the kit for their specific job.”

Verified by Michael Kirby, market analyst for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
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Kit options: 2-tool kit or larger
Tools: 12 available

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