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Breakers Pulverize Toughest Material

Atlas Copco introduces two new compact hydraulic breakers featuring the company's exclusive solid body design concept. Both the 650 and 850 are suitable for mounting on large skid steers, standard backhoes and mini excavators under 10 tons.

Based on proven technology developed over the last 10 years, the new breakers offer a variety of features in a compact package: integral side-mounted accumulator to reduce the overall length of the machine; optional water channel for dust suppression; and a central lubrication facility to virtually eliminate daily maintenance. The accumulator is a sealed unit that can go for more than a year without attention, the manufacturer says. The breaker bodies are machined from a solid casting, minimizing the number of parts, which in turn reduces maintenance and ownership costs.

The compact size of the hammers enables users to mount more powerful hammers on skid-steers. “Whereas before it was typical to rent a skid-steer with a 300-foot/pound class hammer on it, now our customers rent the same skid-steer with one of our 600-foot/pound class hammers,” says Peter Bigwood, president. “With their unique design, these hammers are what many of our customers call ‘bulletproof.’”

Verified by Peter Bigwood, president.
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Weight 650/850: 686/922 pounds
Length: 650/850: 52/56 inches
Tool diameter 650/850: 3.1/3.7 inches

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