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Removing Unwanted Water

Jan. 4, 2020
Unwanted water can throw a wrench in any project. Timelines can be delayed; money can be lost.

Story and photo provided by Generac Power Systems

Unwanted water can throw a wrench in any project. Timelines can be delayed; money can be lost.

The process of removing unwanted water from a jobsite is known as dewatering.  Construction, mining and oil-and-gas contractors often have to contend with unwanted surface and ground water on their jobsites and rely heavily on trash pumps to remove the dirty and often debris-laden water from their sites. By removing ground and surface water, they are able to lower the water table, allowing them to begin excavation and provide a safer work environment for their employees. The use of high-quality dewatering pumps is the most effective and efficient way to get the job done.

“Efficient dewatering requires a reliable pump,” said David Murphy, market solutions manager, Generac Mobile. “Pumps need to be sized and placed on the jobsite to control and remove the water by the quickest and safest means possible.”

Murphy said that while time is money to contractors, safety is always the top priority. “Wet, muddy ground on a jobsite can delay schedules and produce unsafe working conditions for workers and their equipment.”

When Hydroprime Equipment, a rental, sales and service provider of water solutions and rental equipment in Corpus Christi, Texas, was looking for pumps to add to its rental fleet, the staff turned to Generac Mobile. “Generac Mobile pumps are great,” said Travis Dunson, owner, Hydroprime Equipment. “We only supply the highest quality equipment and will continue to use and offer Generac products.”

Hydroprime Equipment said it doesn’t just rent out pumps for dewatering. It also rents them out for water transfer. “The primary function of a transfer pump, for example on oil-and-gas sites and mines, is to move water from one location to another,” said Murphy. “Using Generac Mobile pumps for water transfer is the most economic and efficient way to move water around a site.” 

Selecting a pump can be challenging, especially when a rental house is looking to get a unit that could be used for numerous solutions. That is one reason why Hydroprime Equipment turned to Generac Mobile for assistance. “Along with different models, there are many different reasons why a customer would need to rent a pump,” said Murphy. “Knowing the intended application helps to determine the best model possible.”

For Hydroprime Equipment’s needs, Generac Mobile recommended four MTP6DZD 6-inch diaphragm dry prime trash pumps. “This diesel-powered trash pump has a Cornell high efficiency pump end with our best-in-class, lowest suction/discharge height,” said Murphy. “The unit’s high-performance dry prime feature enhances efficiency and enables faster pump priming and set-up. All-in-all, this unit helps save time which translates to saving money.”

Dunson said the pumps have worked perfectly for their customers. “They have done their job,” he said. “They are perfect; they are compact and have a low-profile style trailer package.” Another key application for Generac Mobile pumps is emergency response. “In the battle against floodwaters, it is important to have the right equipment,” said Murphy. “Trash pumps are designed to face tough requirements since they are capable of passing water with solids, or debris, that other pumps just can’t handle.” Murphy said the Generac Mobile pumps are perfect for keeping floodwaters at bay.

Each pump application is unique and requires different equipment. For a rental center, it is important to have versatile equipment that can be useful for serval different industries.