Temperature Control

Jan. 1, 2004
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment The WayCool portable evaporative cooler moves air farther with greater cool air output, smaller size and lower costs. It

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment

The WayCool portable evaporative cooler moves air farther with greater cool air output, smaller size and lower costs. It offers a UL-approved two-speed motor, high efficiency evaporative cooling pads on all four sides, high impact ABS plastic construction with an aluminum interior frame and a re-circulating submersible pump. Pneumatic wheels, manual or continuous fill options, automatic shut-off kits, water cleaners and conditioners are also available.

Greg Branson of Sunrise Energy Systems in Fort Wayne, Ind., recently used the WayCool cooler to both cool workers and add moisture to the air to prevent some exotic woodwork being installed from drying and cracking. “The evaporation process added the right amount of moisture to the facility to help solve this problem,” he said.
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Ground Heaters

The new E1100 is specifically designed for builders, utilities, municipalities and small construction contractors. It offers more convenience features over the previous similar-capacity unit. Built with a new side access panel, the E1100 is easier to maintain and repair than previous units. A three-way valve replaced separate fill and suction valves, allowing no-mistake Heat Transfer Fluid refills. It is equipped with 1,100 feet of hose and its 126,000 BTUs/hr hydronic heater brings the propylene glycol Heat Transfer Fluid up to 180 F.

Richard Tjepkema, a site superintendent for Clark Builders, Edmonton, Alberta, used a Ground Heater to cure concrete grade beams during the wintertime construction of a church. “The heater worked beautifully,” says Tjepkema. “What most impressed me was the reliable, even heat it produced. From one end to the other, I knew that I had even heat. That's one of the biggest problems with using propane heating alternatives — the concrete can be too hot close to the source of the heat and still freezing on the other end.”
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United CoolAir

United CoolAir recently added a 5-ton horizontal portable air conditioner to its product offering. The low-profile PAC5 unit is compact and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, featuring horizontal ducted supply and return with condenser air top discharge. PAC5 controls can be tailored to suit the customer's specific requirements and electric heat can be incorporated for extended capabilities.
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The VAF-3000 is designed for confined spaces that require a powerhouse air ventilator. The 1 HP motor can deliver both positive and negative airflow at a maximum capacity of 2.091 CFM. The unit weighs 32.5 pounds and is stackable to save storage or work area space. It also has the capability to connect up to 125 feet of straight duct.
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General Equipment

Designed for confined spaces in construction and industrial applications, General Equipment Company's EH10 portable electric heater eliminates the operational and safety problems associated with propane heating devices. Unlike propane fired heaters, the EH10's electric heating system does not require a direct vent to the atmosphere, making it more safe and effective for confined work areas. Operating from a 230 VAC power source, the EH10 features a dual range output switch to accommodate specific heating requirements. It has a selectable heat output range of 15,000 to 30,000 BTUs/hr.
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Hi-Tech Hose

The Hi-Tech TPW retractable blower hose is a thermoplastic rubber coated hose that is built to withstand continuous temperatures of 275 F for up to 2,000 hours, depending upon application. Featuring a smooth interior and safety yellow wear strip, this UV-resistant blower hose is designed for moving large volumes of hot air and contains no adhesives, which can fail or delaminate. Sizes offered range from 4 inches to 36 inches and the hose has a 15:1 compressibility ratio, depending upon size.
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TOPP Portable Air

The Safe-Heat SH-500 portable, direct-fired propane and natural gas heater. The Safe-Heat SH-500 is designed to provide safe, economical space heating for any outdoor, industrial application up to 500,000 BTUs, all while operating on a standard 115V. Larger units are also available from 500,000 to 2,000,000 BTUs for indoor or outdoor industrial use. Immediate and 24-hour service is available, as well as support for all applications.
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