Product Spotlight, Generators/Welders, August 2010

Aug. 1, 2010
Subaru Subaru inverter generators feature the latest inverter generator technology to significantly reduce running sound. Conventional generator designs


Subaru inverter generators feature the latest inverter generator technology to significantly reduce running sound. Conventional generator designs run the engine at full speed regardless of the amount of power being used. Subaru inverter generators run the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increase speed as more electrical power is required. Producing clean power for the most sensitive electronic equipment, the R1700i is powered by Subaru's EH09-2 OHV gasoline engine, while the RG3200iS (pictured) and RG4300iS models are powered by Subaru's EX OHC gasoline engines.

William and Kathy Acosta, are homeowners currently living in an RV on 14 acres near Bastrop, Texas, on the site where they plan to build their dream home. The Acostas found themselves in need of a quiet-running generator for temporary power use until they could get the nearest electricity easement extended to their property, a task that has taken more than a year to accomplish. The couple needed a generator equipped to handle their 15,000-Btu air conditioning unit, which would cause a power surge each time it kicked on.

“The Subaru dealer said our 15,000 Btus would be more than [the other brand] could handle, yet the Subaru was the same size,” says William Acosta. “But Subaru put in an extra boost for that power surge once the AC kicks on.”

The Acostas use the RG3200iS inverter generator to power all of their household electricity needs, and estimate they have logged more than 5,900 hours of use on the unit, which is typically expected to log about 2,000 hours of use.

When asked about what problems he's had with the RG3200iS Subaru inverter generator in its year and nearly 6,000 hours of use, Acosta says “None at all. It looks like we made a good choice.”
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The DLW330X2 340-amp welder from Multiquip is a constant current and constant voltage welder that delivers up to 340 amps of operation for one man, or simultaneous two-man operation with 200 amps of output per operator. It also provides up to 10.5 kW of 120/240-volt AC power. The unit produces only 66 dBA, ensuring quiet operation. The DLW330X2 features SmartStick technology, a sensor that automatically shuts off the engine during periods of no load and restarts it when the operator strikes the welding rod. The variable sensor — adjustable from one to 30 minutes — enables the operator to select the optimum working conditions and reduce fuel consumption.
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Honda Power Equipment

All EB series Honda generators come standard with full generator GFCI circuit protection for OSHA-related jobsites. The EB30000c model features Honda's CycloConverter technology, which makes it lighter than comparable units producing the same power. The EB3800, EB5000 and EB6500 models feature a large 6.6-gallon fuel tank, easy-access outlet panel and an additional duplex outlet.
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Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Doosan has upgraded several models in its 60-Htz mobile generator portfolio to meet EPA's current standards for mobile, off-highway, diesel-powered equipment. The portfolio includes 10 models ranging from 25 kVA to 570 kVA. The G70 (pictured) and G90, rated at 72 kVA and 94 kVA respectively, are powered by John Deere engines that are certified to EPA Tier-3 requirements. These new models replace the G60 and G80 and feature as much as 24-percent higher output, in addition to cleaner emissions.
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Lincoln Electric

Designed for maintenance and repair, as well as construction applications, Lincoln's new Ranger 305 LPG is an engine-driven welder that allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple processes. The Ranger 305 LPG provides DC multi-process welding for general purpose stick, downhill pipe, Touch Start TIG, cored-wire, MIG and arc gouging. The unit is rated at 25 volts for 300 amps of stick welding. It also accommodates CV wire welding up to 5/64-inch-diameter electrodes.
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Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson introduces its new line of portable inverter generators for commercial and residential use. Through inverter technology, the GPi series can offer similar clean, AC power that is provided by a standard household outlet, making it well suited for powering small tools and sensitive electronics. The GPi series features an integrated engine flywheel and generator design for a compact, lightweight, quiet and fuel-efficient generator. The GPi 1700 (pictured) weighs 45 pounds and has an output of 1,650 watts.
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Tsurumi's new Power Quip model PQ-60H is designed to withstand the severe conditions of construction jobsites and other rental applications. It features a Honda GX-240 series engine and has a 4500-watt maximum output. The PQ-60H is designed for supplying power to Tsurumi's single-phase submersible pumps and other electrical tools such as drills, saws, lighting and heaters. An oversized muffler and air filter reduce noise levels and provide emission control.
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Atlas Copco

The QAS 30 generator from Atlas Copco features a 53-gallon fuel tank that allows 33 hours of run time at 75-percent load. Five-hundred-hour service intervals reduce the time needed for routine maintenance. Powered by a John Deere engine rated at 43 hp at 1,800 rpm, the QAS 30 is engineered and tested for increased uptime on the jobsite. The unit has a standard spillage-free frame to retain all fluids in the frame.
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