Nov. 1, 2002
American Eagle The SHD-50Q is designed and built to fill the niche between the American Eagle SHD-43AF and SHD-60AF compressors. It has an output capacity

American Eagle

The SHD-50Q is designed and built to fill the niche between the American Eagle SHD-43AF and SHD-60AF compressors. It has an output capacity of 28 cfm at 100 psi and a maximum working pressure of 155 psi. The unit is air cooled with a canister air inlet filter. Its main function is to operate small air tools used with service trucks.
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Coleman Powermate introduces the new Trak-Air unit, a portable air compressor system. It features an 8-gallon pancake air tank mounted on top of four castor wheels, providing swivel mobility. The Trak-Air unit features a universal motor with Coleman Powermate's new Invector Technology, which is designed to run cooler and quieter than competing models, and has a 125 maximum psi.
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Thomas Industries

The Renegade Pro Series TG-550H gas powered 5 1/2-hp air compressor is for the professional contractor. It is designed for continuous operation on remote, heavy-duty job site applications and features the patented LifeGuard dirt deflector. It delivers a 12 cfm at 100 psi. The unit is equipped with a 5 1/2-hp Honda engine featuring a cast-iron sleeve to extend engine life, an electronic ignition for dependable starts, and a large fuel tank for increased fuel capacity and longer run time. Other features include a twin piston compressor with Perma-Lube oil-less designed for quick, cold weather starts and twin 3.5-gallon air storage tanks.
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Hitachi Power Tools introduces its first ever gas-powered air compressor, the EC25E. Packing eight gallons of compressed air in twin 4-gallon tanks, the EC25E is designed to power the demands of commercial grade jobs. It is equipped to deliver 9 cubic feet per minute of air at 100 pounds per square inch. Its forced air cooling system, including a 10-inch fly cooling wheel and a shroud to direct air away from the wheel, provides for hours of use without the threat of overheating. The model is powered by a Honda 5.5-hp engine. Standard features include regulator and outlet pressure gauges.
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Quincy Compressor

Quincy Compressor has augmented its core line of industrial reciprocating compressors to meet the unique, portable demands of the rental and construction markets. The revised Quincy product line known as the Air Master Series includes hand-carry models, twin-tank portables and single-tank portables — engineered specifically for this new market. The series features compressors ranging from 1 1/2 to 8 hp, available with electric motor or gas engines. All rated capacities and specifications are based on CAGI testing standards and have a standard Quincy warranty.
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The 375/800/900H/1000 cfm series of compressors features large air ends and easily towed portable packages that provide longevity and lower transportation costs. The compressors are powered by popular industrial diesel engines supported worldwide. Removable drawbars and axles make conversions of portable units easy for offshore and truck mounted applications. All the portable compressors are provided with EZ lube bearings and the 800, 900H and 1000 have surge brakes with auto back-up feature as standard.
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The 30-40-50 DG is equipped with an air pressure gauge, hour meter, discharger temp-erature gauge, oil filter and separator element differential gauges. The discharge pipe is a steel braided flexible pipe that is more durable and efficient. The air intake filter and inlet valve are designed to provide greater performance. The spin on oil filter is located to provide easier access for service.
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Ingersoll-Rand launched a new mid-range compressor line. This series of compressors will save contractors in operating costs due to a newly designed airend — CE 128 — that requires less hp for operation. The new CE 128 airend is also easier on the compressor's engine and offers greater fuel efficiency. The new mid-range models include the VHP300 WIR, HP365 WIR, XP375 WIR and P425 WIR.
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The AC1-HE02-05M features 2-hp 120V electric engine, quality single stage compressor, 60 Hz with 15 amp plug, thermal overload motor protection, compact and portable twin tank design, powder coated 5-gallon capacity tank, drain valves and pressure release valve, rubber handles for a better grip and quick connect fittings. The company offers quality components and safety features.
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DeWalt now has 18 different compressors featuring electric or gasoline-powered Honda OHV GX engines with a range of air tank sizes and air performance levels. There are six hand-carry models and 12 others with a portable wheelbarrow-style design. Some of the new models have dual-voltage capability to use either 120 or 240V power. A dual-control feature has also been added, allowing some of the compressors to operate in either a start/stop or constant run mode.
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Kaeser Compressors announces the portable M12 rotary screw compressor, available with variable pressure from 70 to 190 psig. Compressor output is rated at 45 scfm at 100 psig. Features include the power-saving Sigma Profile airend, 18-hp heavy-duty, industrial Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine, and an air-cooled oil cooler with cooling air circulation fan. The engine features an electric starter. The M12's lightweight, wheel-mounted package with a hinged handle bar offers easy maneuverability. Vibration isolator pads absorb shock from the engine and airend, ensuring quiet operation. Units are designed for rental houses, landscaping, sand blasting, repair trucks, railroads and off-site applications.
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The Senco PC2001 hand carry compressor is designed for contractors, remodelers, woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers who need reliable power in a portable package. It is powered by a 1.5-hp electric pump. The compact, lightweight compressor is equipped with a direct-drive motor/pump and 1/4-inch universal coupler, regulator and pressure gauge. The 58-pound compressor contains twin, vertically stacked tanks that provide 4.3 gallons of air capacity to handle framing, sheathing, roofing, decking, finish and trim jobs. The model also features the Senco oil-splash pump, a pump-up time of 70 seconds and a recovery time of 15 seconds.
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The new Sunami series air compressors from Airman have an externally mounted oil separator filter. By removing the filter from the separator tank, the engineers have been able to maximize the centrifuge efficiency within the separator tank. The air then passes to the filter where particles of oil are separated by the filter in a less turbulent environment. The resulting discharged air has a lower oil particle count.
Circle (171) on Reply\rer offers a compressor that uses oil-less air. Using scroll technology, these units are whisper quiet (49 dBa), have a small footprint, require minimal maintenance and offer a 100 percent duty cycle. Applications include medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and others that require instrument quality air.
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Atlas Copco

The ZE 4 VSD combines air quality with a constant pressure for improved process stability. The operating range of pressure and flow variants covers 1 to 3.5 bar and 800 to 3100 m/h respectively. The all-in-one package features an integrated frequency converter. Standard features include an air intake filter, check valve and a full load/no load regulator. The compressor is delivered with an IP55 water and dust proof motor and a built-in starter. The unit and the integrated frequency converter are controlled by an Elektronikon control and monitoring system.
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