2010 Innovative Product Award Honorable Mentions

Feb. 1, 2011
Category: Earthmoving equipment Gehl Articulated LoadersGehl Co., West Bend, Wis.Introduced: February 2010 Key innovation: Articulated steering allows

Category: Earthmoving equipment

Gehl Articulated Loaders
Gehl Co., West Bend, Wis.
Introduced: February 2010

Key innovation: Articulated steering allows operation on sensitive surfaces with minimal damage. Oscillating joint maintains traction on uneven terrain.

Gehl Co. introduces the Gehl Articulated Loaders. These new machines, the model 140, 340 and 540, are designed for rental markets worldwide as a versatile, user-friendly tool. Gehl articulated loaders feature tipping loads ranging from 1,900 pounds to more than 5,100 pounds (when not articulated) and rated operating capacities from 950 pounds to more than 2,550 pounds.

Gehl Articulated Loaders can run virtually any universal-type attachment, putting tools rental companies already own to good use. A compact width, as narrow as 41 inches on the model 140, allows easy access to extremely tight spaces. An articulated steering angle, up to 45 degrees, enables these compact loaders to navigate confined spaces. The articulated steering design also minimizes damage to sensitive surfaces and reduces tire wear.

The operation of Gehl articulated loaders is both easy to learn and responsive with the use of a standard steering wheel and multi-function joystick control. Unlike skid loaders where the operator must crawl over the attachment to enter the loader, the articulated loaders have wide side openings on either side of the machine for entrance and exit. In an articulated loader, the operator sits higher, above the load, providing 360-degree visibility and a direct line-of-sight to the attachment. Plus, due to the longer wheel base, the articulated loader provides a smoother ride with less jerking and bouncing.
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Kubota SVL75 CTL
Kubota Tractor Corp., Torrance, Calif.
Introduced: June 2010

Key innovation: Kubota Tractor Corp. enters the compact track loader market with the new SVL75. The new CTL is Kubota designed, engineered, manufactured and powered by a Kubota diesel engine.

Kubota Tractor Corp. enters the compact track loader market with the new SVL75 and SVL90. The new SVL75 compact track loader is Kubota designed, engineered, manufactured, and powered by a Kubota diesel engine. The machine offers best-in-class bucket breakout force and exceptional lifting capacity, providing outstanding performance and productivity, according to the company. The 74.3-gross-hp SVL75 offers a 6,204-pound bucket breakout force, a 4,881-pound lifting capacity and is powered by a four-cylinder, direct-injection, turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine.
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Category: Generators/Welders

Caterpillar XQ1250G natural gas generator set for mobile applications
Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Ill.
Introduced: April 2010

Key innovation: The XQ1250G natural gas generator set is the first mobile Cat gas generator set to utilize utility-grade on-package paralleling; the first Cat genset to utilize Cat's advanced EMCP3 genset control system; and the first mobile gas genset greater than 1,350 hp in North America to deliver the July 2010 NSPS SI emission levels. The XQ1250G has a kilowatt transducer in place of an oxygen sensor in the feedback loop to the air-fuel ratio control to increase reliability.

The XQ1250G natural gas mobile generator set is an easily transportable, self-contained, natural gas power plant rated for continuous operation at 1,250 kW 480/277 V 60 Hz. It is sold and rented exclusively through Cat dealers and offers an easy-to-use control system to parallel with other Cat generators or with an electric utility. The XQ1250G power module is the first North American mobile gas generator set with greater than 1,350 hp to employ a low-emission G3516B engine with integrated exhaust after-treatment to comply with July 2010 United States Environmental Protection Agency's New Source Performance Standard for Spark-Ignited Engines (USEPA SI NSPS). If local emission requirements are more stringent, the XQ1250G is suitable for the addition of after-treatment devices beyond the standard oxidation catalyst.

The G3516B operates on low-pressure natural gas (3 to 7 psi) and is equipped with an active air-to-fuel ratio controller to improve reliability and allow for varying fuel energy content. With units generating millions of operating hours worldwide, the G3516B engine offers proven performance with low maintenance costs.

The G3516B engine, fuel regulation components, control and distribution system, and cooling package are housed in a sound-attenuated 40-foot ISO container. It is CSC-certified for 9-unit-high stacking. Greatly reducing installation time at the project site, the XQ1250G offers a fully integrated cooling and exhaust system. The operator can simply connect the natural gas supply line and the load cables to ready the unit for operation. The innovative design of the XQ1250G includes 100-percent spill containment of all engine fluids.
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Category: Lawn & Garden Equipment

Toro STX-26 Stump Grinder
The Toro Company, Bloomington, Minn.
Introduced: February 2010

Key innovation: Toro's TX-26 stump grinder features a hydraulically driven head and a TX-style two-lever control system.

The Toro Co. offers its new dedicated STX-26 stump grinder, the latest addition to the company's line-up, which enhances its product portfolio and provides rental business owners even more options for their equipment rental needs. Designed for ease of operation, the new STX-26 stump grinder features the patented Toro Dingo TX-style control system. This easy-to-use control system offers smooth operation and fewer levers than conventional stump grinders, allowing for maximum productivity and little strain on the operator. Two simple controls operate all traction and grinder functions — traction control (forward, reverse, turn) and sweep, lift/lower and engagement of the grinder head. The unique offset grinder head offers a 47-inch arc, providing the operator excellent visibility of the stump.

The innovative track design allows for easy travel over muddy areas providing a low center of gravity that aids in side hill stability. Designed with confined space in mind, the STX-26 is 78 inches long and fits through 36-inch gates making it easy to maneuver in tight areas and on and off trailers. Combine the ease-of-use with a transport speed of 4 mph and users can get on the jobsite and to the stump in nearly half the time. With the only hydraulically driven head in its class, according to the company, the STX-26 eliminates expensive belts breaking or tension adjustments, guaranteeing optimal performance time after time and drastically reducing service costs. In addition, the hydraulic head design alleviates shock loads to the engine by belts slipping or head stopping commonly seen by novice users on competitive machines. From user-friendly controls to maneuvering around challenging worksites, Toro listened to what customers needed and put it into the engineering of its STX-26 tracked stump grinder.
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Category: Lifts

Absolute E-Z Up, Charleston, S.C.
Introduced: October 2009

Key innovation: A revolutionary lifting system, a radical change in the lift structure for this type of product, which features an extruded aluminum alloy column that requires no maintenance. There are no chains needing yearly inspection and no need to grease columns.

The IAWP-9.6 is designed as an alternative to traditional, low-height lift solutions such as ladders and scaffolding. Safety considerations were key in designing the IAWP-9.6, which offers safety features usually only found on larger machines, including slope alarm with automatic interruption of all functions except descent; audible alarm for movement, ascent and descent; anti-tilt system built-in pothole protection; overload control with auto lock-out lifting interruption; and a flashing beacon. The IAWP-9.6 features a small footprint of 26 inches wide by 47 inches long, and a zero-inside-turning radius, allowing the unit to easily maneuver in confined spaces, from small elevators, to narrow hallways, aisle ways, mezzanines and congested office spaces. At 1,220 pounds, the lightweight IAWP-9.6 has the lowest rolling tire floor load and unit weight in the industry, the company says, and is able to climb grades to 35 percent and power through crushed stone and gravel surfaces. The unit has an unrestricted platform capacity of 397 pounds with or without both decks extended. Powered by two, Trojan 12-volt high-amp batteries, the IAWP-9.6 can travel 5.5 miles and produce a duty cycle of more than 250 lift cycles on one charge.
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JLG E300 Series
JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa.
Introduced: March 2010

Key innovation: JLG's E300 Series boomlift models are engineered to be environmentally friendly and offer improved features. Through improved hydraulic efficiencies, the E300 provides more than 20-percent more duty cycles, which means an operator can drive 6.6 miles and complete 175 lift cycles on a single charge. The new 305-amp-hour batteries provide an 18-percent improvement in recharging time and deliver a lower replacement cost for equipment owners.

The E300 Series boomlifts — models E300AJ and E300AJP — are more environmentally friendly than predecessor models. With this line of electric boomlifts, workers can work at heights up to 36 feet and still not have emissions or loud engines. Other advantages of the E300 Series of boomlifts include a 500-pound platform capacity and a 30-foot elevated height; high maneuverability with the Automatic Traction Control option; industry-leading duty cycles, according to the manufacturer; an exclusive JibPLUS boom option that provides a 180-degree range of side-to-side movement; and zero emissions and low noise. Units produced after October 2009 include improved hydraulic efficiencies that result in more than 20-percent more duty cycles, which enables an operator to drive 6.6 miles and complete 175 lift cycles on a single charge. The series also includes new 305-amp-hour batteries, which provide an 18-percent improvement in recharging time and deliver a lower replacement cost for equipment owners.

Other E300 product improvements include: improved break-over clearance, smoother swing function, and a new multi-digital indicator that displays key information including battery life, machine hours and fault codes. The display will improve troubleshooting and help service technicians diagnose and fix issues more rapidly.
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Skyjack SJ 12 Self-propelled vertical lift
Skyjack Inc., Guelph, Ontario
Introduced: February 2010

Key innovation: The lightweight design of the SJ 12 makes it suitable for jobs that require the unit to have minimal impact on the floor such as on raised computer floors or to be transported in elevators. It also features an innovative slide-away platform that allows access to internal components even when the machine is in the stowed position.

Skyjack's new SJ 12 self-propelled vertical mast lift has been engineered utilizing the same industry-leading robust and reliable design philosophies that customers have come to expect from Skyjack with a focus on a compact footprint and superior maneuverability. With a high-degree steer angle offering a zero-inside-turning radius the Skyjack SJ 12 delivers tight workspace functionality and flexibility. In addition to its compact dimensions, Skyjack's SJ 12 also offers the lowest local ground bearing pressure (PSI) in its class resulting from a low gross weight and standard-size tires, according to the company. The lightweight design allows the SJ 12 to tackle jobs that require the unit to have minimal impact on the floor such as on raised computer floors or to be transported in elevators.

Serviceability, another Skyjack hallmark, has been addressed with a slide-away platform that allows access to the internal components even if the machine is in its stowed position. The access panel makes it effortless for operators to perform their daily inspections and facilitates regular maintenance. Skyjack's standard color-coded and numbered wiring system with hard-wired relay-based controls helps to ensure the model lives up to Skyjack's reputation for quality and serviceability. An innovative traversing platform gives the operator an extra 20 inches of reach for confined work areas. With a variety of optional and standard equipment to further enhance productivity such as fluorescent light tube caddy, light-duty material rack, tool tray and others, the SJ 12 is a valuable tool for any tradesperson, maintenance personnel or contractor.
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Teupen LEO13GT
Teupen USA, Pineville, N.C.
Introduced: October 2009

Key innovation: The 42-foot LEO13GT articulated boom can travel self-propelled through a single doorway with a weight of less than 3,100 pounds.

German aerial lift company Teupen USA offers its latest model, the LEO13GT, to the North American market. The new 42-foot model was designed with the specific height and access requirements of the facility maintenance and cleaning industry in mind. For maintenance and cleaning jobs beginning with heights as low as 12 feet, the use of this access platform pays off, improving time, cost efficiency and work safety. In applications where height access solutions like scaffolding have been preferred, the LEO13GT is a good substitute. With compact dimensions and low machine weight, this lift can easily access confined spaces and hard-to-reach jobsites. This compact machine is 30 inches wide, 78 inches high and 3,087 pounds.

The LEO13GT, with its 42-foot working height, was introduced as an economy model with costs kept low. Operator safety, ease of use and technical innovation are still kept at a maximum. Operators can drive and work the machine from inside the basket or using the remote control, walking alongside for maneuvering or loading. The primary source of power is a 115-V electric motor. Alternatively, any standard power generator can be easily mounted on a hinged tray. The two-person basket with a 441-pound capacity can operate within the entire envelope that includes a 20-foot side reach capacity. The standard automatic-leveling outrigger system can be used on terrain slopes up to 13 percent.

The price-performance ratio of the LEO13GT compared to possible utilization rates and productivity make it an unbeatable value for rental companies. In times of cost cutting the LEO13GT is a multifunctional investment guaranteeing low total cost and high return on investment, the company says.
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Category: Miscellaneous

AirGo All-terrain Package
Big Ass Fans, Lexington, Ky.
Introduced: March 2010

Key innovation: AirGo's principle function is energy-efficient, effective air movement for the purpose of cooling and occupant comfort. Fully assembled and no installation, AirGo delivers the breeze without delay — where and when it is needed most.

The rugged, 8-foot vertical AirGo delivers air flow half the length of a football field, yet is quiet enough to carry on a friendly conversation directly in front of the fan. From the heavy-duty steel tubing and the rigid screen, to the high-efficiency motor and gearbox, AirGo is made from all-welded construction by hand for unmatched durability. AirGo is suitable for use on construction sites and at outdoor events.

AirGo's mobility allows the consumer to place air movement as needed without permanent installation, reducing overall capital investments. Floor level air movement provides cooling for workers in areas with overhead machinery. An IP55 rating and OSHA-compliant cage create a safer workplace reducing time loss due to accidents.

Other features include powder-coated finish for resistance to weather and corrosion, a removable top cage quadrant for easy cleaning of the motor and airfoils, simple variable-speed adjustments with the push of a button, over-sized foam-filled tires for maneuverability over rough terrain, approximately 6,000 square feet of coverage area, and it plugs into any 110-V, 15A receptacle.
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