2010 Innovative Product Award Honorable Mentions

Jan. 1, 2011
The following products were contenders in the 2010 RER Innovative Product Award competition.

Category: Compressors/Air Tools

B-Air CUB #CP-1 Dryer
B-Air Blowers, Glendale, Calif.

Introduced: February 2010

Key innovation: Compact, durable, low amperage, lightweight, multipurpose and non-rusting.

The B-Air CUB Dryer is B-Air's most innovative product to date, the company says. It's a multi-purpose unit that serves the restoration/remediation, janitorial, pet grooming and advertising inflatable industries. The CUB dryer features compact size, durability, low amperage, UL and ETL certification and is exceptionally lightweight. Constructed of non-rusting high-impact roto-molded polyethylene, the CUB is designed to provide years of reliable service.

For the restoration/remediation industries, the B-Air CUB Dryer #CP-1 is designed to control moisture in closets, under counters, anywhere a conventional larger air mover is not practical. For those hard-to-reach places, the optional CUB Drying Duct Kit #CDDK adapter adds versatility. This compact, low-amp air mover is also suited to dry fabrics.

For the pet grooming industry, Model #CP-1 is a single brushless cage dryer that offers low-amp draw, built-in handle for easy positioning and carrying. Options such as a Cage Dryer Kit #CDDK and filter system ensure versatility. For the advertising inflatable industry, the CUB #CP-1 B-Air ¼-hp blower is designed to inflate ornamental advertising structures with ease and flexibility. The CUB CP-1 is designed to be used externally or internally within an inflatable structure. The B-Air CUB's flexibility comes from its ability to be positioned in three different angles.
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Quadraport Regulated Line Splitter
DeWalt, Baltimore, Md.

Introduced: March 2010

Key innovation: The Quadraport encourages splitting near the jobsite by using a 3/8-inch inlet fitting, and the gauge allows users to retrieve a PSI reading close to the tool. The regulator also permits two different pressures at the jobsite, has an impact-resistant resin body, liquid-filled gauge and robust handle to withstand jobsite abuse.

The Quadraport Regulated Line Splitter is designed for professional framers, roofers, trim carpenters, automotive trades and other contractors who regularly use an air compressor on the jobsite. The new model features field-tested innovations designed to solve common issues associated with the line splitters contractors are currently using, including pressure drops, inaccurate readings and durability problems. The D55040 features an impact-resistant resin body, liquid-filled gauge and robust handle to ensure that it can withstand jobsite abuse. Additionally, the handles and sidebars are strategically positioned to protect the couplers and the plug for added resilience to high-impact drops.

To ensure that the Quadraport meets contractors' needs and high performance standards, the product encourages splitting near the jobsite by using a 3/8-inch inlet fitting, and the gauge allows users to retrieve a PSI reading close to the tool. For added flexibility, the regulator permits two different pressures at the jobsite, and the Quadraport is factory assembled and tested to guarantee that there are no leaks or pressure drops. The universal couplers accept the three major plug styles, and hang holes allow contractors to easily hang the product for maximum ease of use.
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D185P3 Air Compressor
Sullivan-Palatek, Michigan City, Ind.

Introduced: December 2009

Key innovation: Reduced weight saves fuel while towing. Gull wing doors provide excellent access for servicing.

The new more compact and lighter Sullivan-Palatek D185P3 air compressor features the same reliable operating components as the company's full-size units. The unit's smaller size and lighter weight saves fuel during towing from site to site. Gull-wing doors provide excellent access for servicing. Features include a large 108-mm air end manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek; a choice of either John Deere or Caterpillar power; side by side coolers; heavy-duty lifting eye; and stop, turn and tail lights. The unit continues to offer the Sullivan-Palatek exclusive three-year unlimited hour warranty. The enclosure is powder-coated galvaneal with stainless fasteners and anodized aluminum hinges to avoid corrosion and rusting. Standard engines are 49 hp Tier 3, Interim Tier 4 and are fully EPA compliant.
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Category: Computer software

Operator dashboard
Alert Management Systems, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Introduced: July 2010

Key innovation: Operator dashboard streamlines and speeds up all facets of rental asset and contract management.

Alert Management introduces the newest addition to its suite of software products — Operator Dashboard, a completely new, system-wide operator interface designed to streamline and speed up all facets of rental asset and contract management. The simplified user interface provides one-click access to review and modify all open contracts, monitor equipment availability, initiate maintenance functions, write P.O,'s or work orders and more. Tree folders with file tabs keep rental assets and resources organized by functional area, for quick look-up. Hyper-links allow for immediate access and modification. The date range feature includes any data range, or the user can use radio buttons to search by day, week or 4-week period. Color-coding and key word search feature make finding assets or documents easy. Multi-store selection is built in. All features are real-time.
Reader Service No. 164freeproductinfo.net/rer

TrakQuip Communication Tools Suite
Corporate Services, Baton Rouge, La.

Introduced: January 2010

Key innovation: Facilitates communication with clients of TrakQuip rental software proactively with their customers and potential third parties.

Corporate Services introduces the TrakQuip Communication Tool Suite, a suite of solutions designed to communicate with users of TrakQuip rental software, customers and potential third-parties using various applications such as mobile device applications, web services, third-party applications, ASP.Net web applications, and more. Data collected by both the client, and its customer is validated and communicated in real-time directly into the client's TrakQuip Equipment and Rental Management Solution. A dashboard web application allows all parties to view, filter, sort, group and export the data. Alert clients, their customers and potential third parties now have a seamless, real-time data collection and communication solution to enhance and report asset information.

Simple installations and configurations allow clients to install the software components on their own in-house hardware, giving them complete control over performance and security concerns. Advanced configuration methods enable on-the-fly modifications to meet end-user requirements. TrakQuip Communication Tools Suite is an intuitive, high-performance solution that optimizes field-service processes and connects clients and their customer's central business systems. The true value of using the TrakQuip Communication Tool Suite is realized when considering the client, their customer and potential third parties all contribute their respective pieces of data to a common store in real-time. The culmination of data allows the client and their customer to plan, observe and review their respective business objectives.
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Systematic Portal
Texada Software,
Guelph, Ontario

Introduced: April 2010

Key innovation: Portal uses Web technology to allow clients 24/7 Internet interactivity between their company and their customers. This will provide their clients with unparalleled access to vital information that will help them make important business decisions, anytime they need it.

With Portal Web Enabling Technology a rental business can dramatically increase the level of communication with its customers and provide them unparalleled access to information that will help them make important business decisions. Portal allows for 24/7 Internet interactivity between the rental company and its customers. Portal is an extension of the rental company's existing website that automatically integrates with its Systematic software to report live data to customers. They will be able to view and print their existing contracts and invoices, view their balances and payment details, and see the available rental inventory and their current rate information.

Portal is a powerful tool for rental customers, giving them the ability to manage their accounts and access vital information anytime they need it. The many advantages of Portal are designed to build customer loyalty and increase satisfaction. Portal also provides rental customers the ability to review product availability, applicable rates, and more. Inquiries can list all items available to rent, display items with rates that pertain to that customer, and print a rental analysis report for project management. It also provides customers the ability to produce quotes and rent or buy over the web. Quotes are created seamlessly within the Systematic Rental Management system for easy conversion and follow-up. Portal gives customers the power to control and manage their own jobsites, enabling them to create, maintain and close jobsites, ensuring a successful project life cycle is kept. In addition, Portal provides secure login validation to protect rental business data and restrict access to authorized users. Audit trails allow the rental company to track the items its customers are looking at most, increasing the visibility of individual customer needs.
Reader Service No. 166freeproductinfo.net/rer

Category: Concrete-working equipment

D25223 D-handle 1-inch SDS Rotary Hammer with SHOCKS Active Vibration Control
DeWalt, Baltimore

Introduced: November 2009

Key innovation: The D25223K D-handle 1-inch SDS rotary hammers is equipped with DeWalt's SHOCKS Active Vibration Control featuring a shock-mounted rear handle system that reduces vibration up to 50 percent while increasing comfort and productivity.

DeWalt launches a new line of heavy-duty SDS rotary hammers, including the D25223K, which feature SHOCKS-Active Vibration Control and are designed to provide professional contractors maximum performance, jobsite durability and increased comfort. The SHOCKS Active Vibration Control features a shock-mounted rear handle system that reduces vibration up to 50 percent while increasing comfort and productivity. The new 1-inch SDS hammer features an 8-amp motor that delivers 0-1,150 rpm, 0-4,300 bpm and a large hammering mechanism that generates 2.5 foot-pounds of impact energy, providing fast drilling and powerful chipping. An integral clutch reduces sudden, high torque reactions of bit jams, and the 360-degree side handle adjusts easily for preference or use in tight spaces.

All models include DeWalt's two-year free service agreement, three-year limited warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.
Reader Service No. 167freeproductinfo.net/rer

Sure Speed
Wyco Tool, Racine, Wis.

Introduced: March 2010

Key innovation: The Sure Speed motor provides a consistent-speed concrete vibrator that adjusts to the concrete load.

The electric Sure Speed is designed to require less power consumption while providing uniform and repeatable concrete vibration every time. The Sure Speed motor allows users to drive any combination of shaft length and head size with one motor by automatically adjusting its speed, regardless of the load placed on the head. The low-decibel design exceeds OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95 standards for noise decibels. Improving brush life is easy with a soft-start design that eliminates over speeding when the head is out of mix, the company says. The Sure Speed utilizes the exclusive Square Head vibrator design that provides for 22-percent more displacement than regular round heads. When paired with the Sure Speed motor, consolidation speeds are 20- to 50-percent faster. The Sure Speed offers a lightweight design and ergonomic handle, decreasing fatigue. The motor also features a quick disconnect that provides for a quick configuration change when needed.

The Sure Speed provides for a consistent head speed of 10,500 rpm, a speed that eliminates air pockets within the concrete, reducing the need for any patch work, saving both material cost and labor hours.
Reader Service No. 168freeproductinfo.net/rer

Editor's note: The remaining IPA Honorable Mentions will be presented in February RER.