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Trystar Offers New Line of Compact Automatic Transfer Switches with Capacities up to 1200 Amps

April 7, 2021
Trystar has introduced a line of compact, portable Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) with models rated at 200/400/600/800 and 1200 amps and a footprint up to 75 percent smaller than competitive ATS units.

Trystar has introduced a line of compact, portable Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) with models rated at 200/400/600/800 and 1200 amps and a footprint up to 75 percent smaller than competitive ATS units.

Designed for applications requiring an automatic transfer of power between mains and backup generators in case of mains power failure, the Trystar ATS features an advanced design that eliminates nearly all wiring inside the enclosure to improve reliability and reduce maintenance requirements.

“The ATS line uses a proven controller with all internal connections made via a single buss bar,” said Trystar regional sales manager Chris Tacheny. “The only exception is the Cat 5 cable connecting the controller to the touch screen.”

In a typical application, the ATS is connected to a pair of portable generators feeding a single output. Switching between Generator A and Generator B is fully automatic. If Generator A has a failure, or runs out of fuel, Generator B is started by the ATS to pick up the load. The presence of a technician on-site 24/7 is not required for most situations. This is an important advantage for the rental industry in particular since it significantly reduces overall customer costs.

All models in the Trystar ATS line feature dual 480/208-volt capabilities that can be selected literally ‘on the fly’ via the touch screen.

“The dual voltage capability is another very important feature for the rental market,” Tacheny added, “because it gives rental houses the ability to stock a single unit to cover applications for both of the common voltages used in the major markets for this kind of switch. With a Trystar ATS, a rental house can handle everything from an oil and gas processing application to an entertainment venue and even a data center that needs a temporary ATS while their permanent equipment is being serviced – all with the same unit.”

Rental generators and Trystar ATS are commonly used for many different applications ranging from industrial site maintenance to back-up power for critical facilities. Having that capability “on-the-shelf” makes the rental industry a key resource for a broad range of customers who need the capability to integrate portable power into their operational and maintenance programs.

The Trystar ATS touch screen displays event logs including on/off, voltage change, transfers and more; monitors KVA and KVAH plus amperage, voltage and wattage, and has a Modbus interface to enable remote monitoring of the switch. The ATS also can be programmed with pre-set transfer times to switch inputs between multiple generators.

Standard features include cam lock input and output connections, dual inputs with a common output, and two-wire auto start for portable generators. Inputs are via male 16 series panel mounts (BK,BK,BK,WT,GN) and outputs are via female 16 series panel mounts.

The heavy-duty aluminum cabinet is housed in a steel cage with lifting eyes and fork pockets and can be moved with a standard pallet jack.

Like all Trystar products the portable ATS line is made in the United States. All units are listed to UL Standard 1008 and NEMA 3R.

Trystar designs and manufactures a wide range of portable and industrial power products including panels, I-Lines, transformers, portable automatic transfer switches (ATS) and welding racks. They also manufacture single and dual-purpose generator docking stations, load bank and rotary docking stations, and UL-891 rated switchboards. Trystar cable products include portable and industrial power cables, welding cables, utility cables, and medium voltage cables.

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