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Generac Urges Attention to National Preparedness Month

Sept. 14, 2019
During this year's National Preparedness Month, Generac reminds homeowners it only takes a minute to begin preparing for extended power outages.

During this year's National Preparedness Month, Generac reminds homeowners it only takes a minute to begin preparing for extended power outages. Already this month Hurricane Dorian had a dramatic impact on the east coast of the United States after inflicting massive damages in the Caribbean, and California’s potential deadly fire season has already begun.

     The time between mid-August and mid-October is the most active part of hurricane season, according to historical data logged by the National Hurricane Center. Between the Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) program in the western U.S. to combat wildfires, and severe weather across the Midwest, it's no surprise power outages are peaking nationally in September and October. Outages during these months are also often the longest and most widespread as they're frequently caused by hurricane damage and other severe weather, according to proprietary Generac data. In fact, in 2018, Generac recorded 633.7 million power outage hours across the United States.

     "The country's aging utility grid is vulnerable in extreme weather, and Mother Nature hit all corners of the United States last year, causing outages across the country," said Russ Minick, chief marketing officer for Generac. "When the power goes out, life becomes significantly more difficult. Homeowners need to stop and take a minute to determine what they need to prepare for the next power outage, regardless of how it is caused."

     Generac is encouraging everyone to take the first step to becoming more prepared by taking only one minute to consider their level of preparedness. In that one minute, homeowners can identify an evacuation route, a list of necessary supplies, or choose a backup power option. For the month of September, the company will feature "The Generac Prep Minute" tips, information, and content on social media.

     Having a plan for when the power goes out will help to provide control and peace of mind during an uncertain situation. Homeowners should review backup power options, especially if their home is prone to extended utility outages caused by severe weather or an aging grid. A home standby generator is a worthwhile consideration as it can sense utility failure and turn on automatically; because it is powered by natural gas or propane, it's the safest and most convenient solution for long-term backup power, Generac said.

     Homeowners can plan ahead and contact a local Generac representative for an in-home assessment to determine the best generator for their needs and installation requirements.

     The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it expects as many as 17 named storms before the end of the hurricane season on November 30. For more information, visit