New Powerblanket Line Cozies up to Drums and Buckets

The Powerblanket line of drum and bucket warmers are designed to replace conventional band heaters, warming ovens and blowers for heating temperature-sensitive materials stored in plastic, metal and other containers. Using patented GreenHeat Technology, the heaters are engineered to offer a more energy- and cost-efficient solution for maintaining viscosity and flow for stored liquids, including water, chemicals, paint, and food products.

GreenHeat Technology is a heat-spreading system that provides an efficient, uniform distribution of heat while consuming only low levels of energy. The technology allows containers to be rapidly and consistently warmed without creating the hot and cold spots common with competitive products.

“Our Powerblanket brand drum and bucket warmers are built to handle harsh conditions,” says Ryan Mecham, chief operating officer for Powerblanket. “Our customers win because the products save them time and money because they are so easy to set up, move around, and take down. Customers don't suffer from burned product because our GreenHeat Technology evenly distributes the heat.”

The insulated, full-wrap design keeps heat in and cold out, working on both metal and poly drums and buckets year-round.

Verified by Ryan Mecham, chief operating officer for Powerblanket.

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Vital Stats

Electrical source required: 120-volt electrical outlet

Sizes: Fits 55-, 30- and 15-gallon drums, and 5-gallon buckets

Temperature: maintains material from ambient up to 160 F

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